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How Signage Can Actually Help With Home Decor

Posted on July 02, 2014 | Posted by Brooke Randell

You may not think that turning to a printing or sign making company could be the solution to home decor problems, but you'd be amazed at what you can accomplish with wrap film and digital printers! 

Interior designers or home owners looking freshen up their decor can easily get their designs printed and their creativity realized with digital printing. 


A touch of color, someone's initials, or a full blown image on a door can all add an unexpected bit of personality to a room. Depending on the film you use, the design you choose can be as temporary or permanent as you'd like. 

Digitally printed diamond door graphic

Add a pop of bling to a room by making the door look like a diamond! Sure, why not?


Window graphics can be a great way to not only add elements of design to your glass doors and windows, but it can also increase privacy. Window vinyl that mimics different types of etched glass can help you feel a little more secluded in places you might not want people looking in your windows (For example, in your bathroom. Why do they put big windows in bathrooms anyway?). The nice thing about window etch vinyl is that light will still shine through.

Geometric window etch vinyl graphics

Window etch vinyl turns your window into a work of art and keeps your life from becoming performance art for your neighbors.


Technically with certain kinds of digital printers you could print any design you wanted on fabric and make furniture or furniture covers out of it. Giant bean bags shaped like a slice of pizza, pillow cases with your celebrity crush's face on them...whatever you want. laminated digital prints also allow you to get your designs printed directly onto tabletops or other flat surfaces. 

Digitally printed table top

You'll never forget where to put the salad fork again with this fun tabletop design.


Perhaps you like the look of tile but loathe the idea of cleaning out grout. Or, you want a whimsical design that you just can't seem to find at any of the home improvement stores. Thanks to custom printing, your dreams for your custom floor design can come true! 

Tropical fish floor graphics

Who wouldn't want to feel like they're at the Ocean every time they take a bath?


Even your home appliances can be beautified and customized by printed graphics. Any seemingly mundane thing from dishwashers, washing machines, and even mixers can become part of the artistry and personality you want to promote in your home.

Washing machine with vinyl graphicsIt's amazing what a little amount of vinyl will do!


Last (but certainly not least) you can use digital printing to create custom wallcoverings! This is probably the most popular use of digital printing in homes. There are a wide variety of textures you can use, and anything from custom graphic designs to beloved family photos can be applied to walls. Digitally printed wallcoverings are different than regular wallpaper, so be sure to talk to a professional installer before trying to put it up yourself with no prior experience.

Nursery wall mural Pictures of your kids would go great on the wall in their nursery or playroom!

So, where would you use digitally printed graphics in your home? Leave a comment below!


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