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Why Companies Need to Brand Take-Home Cars with Fleet Graphics

Posted on June 04, 2014 | Posted by Brooke Randell

There are a lot of companies that choose to provide employees with "take-home" company cars. This can be a mutually beneficial arrangement for both the employer and the employee, for example:

1. Cost of Benefits: Because an employer is purchasing vehicles in bulk, he or she is usually able to get fringe benefits for much cheaper than employees would be able to on their own. 

2. Tax Breaks: Because fleet vehicles are purchased for business use, employers may be able to write many of the expenses associated with the vehicles off on their taxes. 

3. General Standards: If employers are the ones providing the vehicles to their employees, they can ensure that all employees are driving vehicles of a certain standard, and that their employees always have access to a reliable vehicle. 

But, if employers don't take advantage of a fourth benefit:

4. Branding

Then they are missing out on the opportunity to promote their company to literally thousands of people a day at an advertising rate costing them mere cents for every marketing impression.  

Why companies need to brand take-home cars with fleet graphics

This partial car wrap for Mapletronics is bright enough to catch a lot of attention and simple enough that the important information isn't competing with extra graphics like looking at an eye-spy book. 

Employers who do this have a couple of options to choose from:

1. Vehicle graphics: Vehicle graphics are the simplest and cheapest option. This usually includes nothing more than the company's name, phone number, website, and possibly a logo. Sometimes it doesn't even take any printing and vehicle wrap installers can create the graphics just using cut vinyl. The downside to this option is that you probably won't have a very unique or especially eye-catching design. But, it gets the most important information out there and in the most cost-effective way. 

2. Partial vehicle wraps: Partial vehicle wraps are the best of both worlds. You get a decent amount of coverage which means you can have a more room for design and information, but you aren't covering the entire vehicle in vinyl which means you will pay less overall for materials and labor cost than you would for a full wrap. 

3. Full vehicle wraps: Full vehicle wraps are for people who want to go all-out with design, or who want to completely change the color of the vehicle. Specialty wrap vinyl comes in a large variety of colors and textures so anything from matte to satin to leather to chrome can become a possible shell for your car, van, or truck. Some companies choose to get their take-home vehicle fully wrapped in the company logo colors or in large graphics advertising their services. This is especially popular in businesses that use service vehicles throughout the day on the job like landscaping, plumbing, or anything else involving installations.

Why companies need to brand take-home company cars with fleet graphics

The Academy child care facility wrapped their fleet of Fiats in bright green with their logo and contact information around the sides and back of the cars. 

By adding your company's information and branding to the company vehicles, you are insuring that every person that your employees drive, park, or live near will know about your company. You may not, for example, be able to stick yard signs along all the most popular businesses in town, but if you brand your employee's take-home vehicles your company's information is sure to be seen on their cars in the parking lots there. Literally thousands of people will be exposed to your marketing that may have never heard of the company otherwise.

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