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The 5 Vehicle Graphics to Include on Every Company Vehicle

Posted on July 09, 2014 | Posted by Brooke Randell

Although we think it's infinitely cooler to cover a vehicle in its entirety with unique designs, we understand that sometimes simple vehicle graphics are all people want or can afford. Whereas a partial or full wrap on a vehicle will take a substantial amount of vinyl and often involve using a digital printer, simple vehicle graphics take a minimal amount of vinyl and often use just cut vinyl instead of vinyl with artwork or other digital prints on it. 

This may be preferable to some because less material and less to cover means that you are, inherently, going to spend less on materials and labor. However, even if you are trying to save money and us as little vinyl as possible, there are some graphics that are completely necessary to make your advertising vehicle wrap effective.

The 5 graphics every branded vehicle needsEven a small patch of vinyl with all the information you need on it is so much better for your business than an unbranded vehicle.

1. Phone number: The reason you are advertising on your company vehicles is because you want people to see the designs and information on your vehicle, contact you, and become a customer. They can't contact you, though, if you don't have your phone number on the vehicle! Putting it on a vehicle is a great way to get your digits out to literally thousands of people every week that may never have seen any of your other advertisements or marketing efforts.  

2. Company name: Obviously, you want people to be able know it's your company that's being advertised on the vehicle! This should be prominently displayed on the vehicle, whether that means in large letters on the back of your vehicle so that everyone driving behind you or who passes your parked car can see it, or on the sides so that people on either side of the road will see it as you pass by. 

3. Website URL: With the rise of smartphones and tablets, people often have internet access right at their fingertips at all times. Although they could call, many people would rather do a little online sleuthing about a company before actually contacting on of the company's representatives. Putting your website URL (for example, "www.12pointsignworks.com") allows you to control where consumers are getting their information about you. You can also direct people to a specific page on your site ("www.12pointsignworks.com/contact") you think will be better for turning people from interested researchers into customers. 

4. Logo: It's very important to have consistent branding on all of your marketing material, and that includes your vehicle graphics. Having the same logo that you have on your website, business cards, etc. on your vehicle will help people know for sure that they are contacting the correct company. Having your logo on the vehicle will also increase brand awareness and brand recognition to those who repeatedly see it. 

5. Product or Services: Unless it's obviously implied by your company's name, like "Roberts and Sons Plumbing," it's important for your vehicle graphics to let people know what you can provide for them. What would compel someone to contact a company based on seeing a vehicle with the name "Roberts and Sons" on it with no other information? Curiosity, maybe. But you'll get more qualified leads from something more descriptive like "Roberts and Sons: trusted plumbing services since 1957." 

Everything else you can get on your vehicle is just icing on the cake! Using vehicle graphics for advertising purposes can be extremely effective and has proven to increase brand recognition and widen customer base time and time again. Click the button below to get in touch with a representative and get a free quote on vehicle graphics for your company vehicles!


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