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Creative Window Signs Turn Your Storefront into an Attraction

Posted on August 27, 2014 | Posted by Brooke Randell

As business owners with brick and mortar locations, we're always looking for affordable ways to market our store locations and bring in more customers. Thankfully, with vinyl window signs you can get really creative with your storefront without breaking the bank. 

You can get window graphics and signs for whatever reason you want! But, here are some common reasons to get vinyl graphics splashed across your windows.

Showcase Fun Designs

Colorful pineapple storefront windows

These pineapple designs are simply fun to look at and will draw the eyes of passersby to the inside of the store as well.

Although it might not seem like they are promoting anything specific, well designed images on your storefront aren't just art for art's sake. Like the colorful, splashy pineapples above, people walking by are sure to be drawn to your windows—and likely to the inside of your store—by the interesting designs on them. Scientifically speaking, people are more likely to remember and notice colorful, unique designs even if they don't have time to go into your store at the moment. Having fun graphics will help leave an impression that reminds them to come back to your store when they can. 

Have A Sense of History

Gold vinyl window sign design for City Vet in New York

This may look like classic gold leaf, but it's most likely vinyl in the style of gold leaf. Exponentially more affordable and easier to work with!

At the beginning of the 20th Century, one of the most common and popular methods of advertising a business other than simply painting signs was skillfully arranging gold leaf on the windows. Gold leaf suggested professionalism, stability, and class. For those who want to suggest a sense of history and reliability (but don't want to spend a lot of cash on actual gold for their windows!) gold metallic vinyl can definitely do the trick.

Highlight New Things

The ultimate beauty edit store window for Mecca

This colorful, punchy window for MECCA salon showcases the fact that they were featured in Vogue Magazine—something many of their potential customers would find very valuable.

Since window graphics are temporary, they're the perfect medium for showcasing things that change like sales, recent awards, new inventory, holiday promotions, and more. Even if you only wanted to focus on something that changed a few times per year, like the seasons, you'd be able to easily switch out and update your designs on a regular basis using window graphics.

Highlight Old Things

Restaurant menu windows in London

This restaurant in the Soho area of London showcases the type of food and beverages people can expect at their location right on the windows.

Windows can also be an excellent place to showcase things that don't change throughout the year! For example, the restaurant in the picture above shows the types of food and drinks that are always going to be offered by them. If your business has trademark items that are always in stock or a very specific inventory that rarely changes, then this can be a great way to show off what you'll always have going on for potential customers. 

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