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Interior Detailing: a special touch for full coverage paint wraps

Posted on August 29, 2014 | Posted by Brooke Randell

Paint wraps, or color change wraps, cover the entire exterior of your vehicle to completely hide the original paint color. This makes them more detailed and the process of wrapping the vehicle more painstaking than getting a basic advertising wrap installed. Advertising wraps, just like the name implies, are for advertising something using your company or personal vehicle. Since the point of these types of wraps is to get people to notice "big picture" things like an eye-catching graphic design and your company's contact information, your installer will most likely not pay extreme attention to covering up all of your cars paint unless specifically asked. Doing this makes the wrap go faster and allows them to use a little less vinyl which saves you money in the end. 

Paint wraps, on the other hand, are luxury wraps. People usually get paint wraps for luxury cars or to get a unique color and texture on their vehicle like a matte, satin, iridescent, or chrome finish. Many also want specialty designs to cover the body of their vehicle like a camouflage print. For these types of wraps, your installer is going to pay a lot of attention to the details. 

Wrapped door jambs on a Porsche Cayman. 12 Point SignWorks

Door jamb details on a Porsche Cayman

How the seams look on the car or truck and if the vinyl is completely covering the paint is going to be very important to your installer. To make the wrap look seamless and like the car came from the factory with it on, they may be required to take apart some of the car's hardware. This means things like spoilers, fins, and other detailed elements might need to be carefully moved so the installer can create a seamless panel of vinyl that tucks into the nooks and crannies of the car like into the lights and wheel wells. 

12-Point SignWorks employee wraps door jambs and wheel wells of Maserati

Rich is working on a satin black wrap on a Maserati that will extend into the door jambs.

Lately, in addition to the standard seamless-looking exterior option for paint wraps, we've been offering to extend the vinyl into the door jambs of the vehicle. This extends the new exterior color into the interior of the car. This doesn't always make a big impact—for example if you are getting a matte black wrap on a car that's already painted black, then the difference between the matte exterior and glossy door jambs isn't going to be that jarring. If you are getting a silver chrome wrap on a car, however, having the original burgundy paint showing in the door jambs might not be the look you're going for. It's just an added detail that makes the whole wrap look more complete.  

To fully wrap into the door jambs, we will either take off the doors ourselves or get a mechanic to take it apart. This additional labor and time required to get into the door will add to the overall cost of your wrap, but can also add to the overall appeal of your wrap. 

12-Point SignWorks employees wrap the door jambs of a MaseratiRich and Ian wrapping the door jambs of a maserati.

In addition to the door jambs, areas like the dash and steering wheel can get vinyl accents that mirror or complement your wrap. 

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