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Reasons You ALWAYS Need to Get Exterior Commercial Signs

Posted on September 12, 2014 | Posted by Brooke Randell

In world that seems to becoming more and more virtual and online, people might wonder what the point of getting actual business signs for brick and mortar store locations is. Here are a couple of common misconceptions that we'd like to dispell for you.

"Everyone knows where my location is so I don't need a sign."

False. Even if you've been located on the main street of your tiny town for the past 25 years, you still need an identifying exterior sign to mark your location. Why? Because studies have shown that adding just one exterior sign can increase sales by around 4.75%, and that people are are less likely to enter any storefront that does not have an exterior sign. Also, even if you have a loyal customer base of people in your area—those people may move out and new people may move in, drive by, or drive through your area. 

 Why exterior signs are important

"I can't afford to get a sign for my building."

On the contrary, you can't afford not to! The New York State Small Business Development Center did a case study on a bistro that increased their annual revenue by 16% by getting rid of the small, illegible sign they had and replacing it with a large prominent sign. The next year, their revenue increased by 32% and they were able to expand and get an additional sign. Because of the additional signage and the expansion, they were able to increase their profits by 322% in four years, which added up to about $823,000 in their case.

"No one even notices signs anyway."

If people aren't noticing your sign then it's either too small, illegible, or in a bad location and you absolutely need to fix it. If you have prominent signage, however, and you still think that no one is noticing your signs, think again. Even if people don't have an immediate need for what you're selling, your signs are subconciously imprinting and making an impression on people who are passing by. Once they do need your services or goods that you're selling, they'll remember your business and go to you first.

"We're only here temporarily, so it's not worth it to get a sign."

Even if you're in a space for a short amount of time, you should always have some sort of business signage. Yes, it probably wouldn't be a good idea to spend thousands of dollars installing a bronze sign in your temporary space, but less expensive options like vinyl decals, ACP panels, or acrylic letters would do the trick. For a guide on how much different materials generally cost and last, click here.

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