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5 Questions You Need to Answer Before Getting a Car Wrap Price

Posted on September 10, 2014 | Posted by Brooke Randell

When it comes to investing in a wrap for you car, truck, or other type of vehicle, it really helps to go in with your eyes open to what is actually the best type of wrap for your needs. Everyday we get people sending us emails or calling us about getting a wrap put on something, and we always ask the same questions to find out what they really need and what they really want. 

Questions you need to ask before getting your vehicle wrapped

1. What are you getting wrapped? 

It seems obvious, but knowing the exact model and make of whatever you're getting wrapped helps wrap installers come up with a more accurate quote. For example, you're probably going to pay more to do a full wrap on a Hummer than you would to do a full wrap on a Honda Accord because there is more surface area and hardware to deal with on the Hummer than there is on the Honda. Likewise, you're going to use a different type of wrap vinyl on a boat that will be exposed to sun and water all the time than you would use for an indoor wall mural.  

2. Why are you getting a wrap?

Are you getting a wrap to advertise your business or to customize the look of your vehicle? The way your installer goes about wrapping your vehicle or applying your graphics are going to differ based on what the purpose of the wrap is. Luxury paint wraps are going to take more labor and dismantling of the car to fit the vinyl into the nooks and crannies of the car. If you want the wrap to be easy to remove so you can frequently change the design then we'll use a different kind of vinyl for your specific project. These kinds of details matter when it comes to getting exactly what you want. 

3. How much of it are you getting wrapped?

Obviously, the more vinyl material we have to use the more your wrap is going to cost. Usually the difference between a partial wrap and a full advertising wrap isn't exponential, but it will definitely be more. Certain materials are going to be more expensive—like carbon fiber or chrome—and will probably work better as accents to your wrap instead of as the main material used.

4. What is your budget?

Know how much you want to spend before you get your heart set on a certain design or style. For a quick guide to how much the different types of vehicle wraps will likely cost, check out our guide here.

5. How is the condition of your vehicle?

If you're getting a vehicle wrap to cover up rust spots or peeling paint, you're going to be disappointed with the result. Vinyl is like a thin second-skin to your vehicle, so the texture underneath the wrap will likely show through. It's one thing if the paint is becoming dull or discolored, but if it's actually peeling or if there are substantial dents and scratches in the vehicles they probably won't be hidden by the vinyl going over it. 

By asking (and answering) these questions before looking to a vehicle wrap installation company, you'll speed up the process of actually getting your wrap and make sure that you're getting an accurate estimated cost based on what you actually want and need!

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