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Signage Inspiration for the Holiday Season

Posted on September 26, 2014 | Posted by Brooke Randell

As September is coming to an end the holiday season is just beginning! Pretty soon we'll all be inundated with Halloween monsters, Thanksgiving turkeys, and even Christmas candy canes. You might get overwhelmed by the flood of holiday cheer, but holiday promotions are a great way to advertise and draw people into your storefront. Not only is it fun and whimsical, but in most retail stores and restaurants it's expected! 

The next major holiday coming up is, of course, Halloween. If you haven't already started putting Halloween-themed retail signage up in store, you've certainly seen banners, signs, and more up in other stores. You only have about a month to decorate your store before All Hallows' Eve so why not go all out to make it count!

Here's a few examples to inspire you own ghastly and ghoulish retail signage and decor this year:

Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl graphics are awesome because you can get virtually any design or text you want in a relatively affordable, easy to apply, and easy to remove application. Bats, pumpkins, zombies, or whatever you want can be applied to your store walls and windows. You can even use perforated window vinyl on your windows that allows a graphic to look opaque from the outside and transparent from the inside. And, for those of you who are more indecisive, you don't even have to commit to whatever design you choose because you can get temporary wall graphics that come off easily without damaging your walls, doors, and windows.

Halloween vinyl door graphics

This is a really clever and fun way to bring a little Halloween (and a lot of personality) into your shop.

Window Displays

We've written before about how to create eye-catching displays on a budget, and Halloween is no exception to that! Your storefront windows are often the first impression you present to potential customers. They're a great opportunity to exhibit personality, whimsy, humor, horror or whatever it is you want your store to represent this Halloween season. That's how the best stores brand themselves—by putting their mission/personality/company goals in every single advertising message, store design, and item designed for their own purposes. 

Halloween Retail Window Displays

You don't necessarily have to break the bank or buy a lot of new signage to have a great display. You can often tweak or get creative with the supplies you already have!

Hanging Signs

Few stores do this as well as Target throughout the year! They always have some fun graphics hanging from their ceilings that invite customers in and lead them to seasonal or sale sections. With digital printing you could easily have hanging signs that are just as cool as the super-retailer. Printed on lightweight foam boards or other similar materials, custom hanging signs are easy to ship, install, and take down when the season is over. They are also much more durable than—for example—vinyl graphics when it comes to repeatedly taking them down and setting them up again. So, if you like using a similar motif every year, getting hanging foam signs could be a great investment for your store.

Halloween hanging signs

Hanging signs are also nice because they don't take up valuable floor or shelf space.

A-Frame Signs

A-frame, also known as sandwich board, signs are a super easy and affordable way to get a message out there. You've probably seen a bunch of them outside of restaurants and smaller boutique stores. You can even get ones that can have easily interchangeable messages by getting them with chalkboard faces, whiteboard faces, or faces that have an open slot where different printed posters can be slid in and out. This way you don't necessarily have to purchase something new for the Halloween season, but can just change out the design of the A-frame sign you already have!

a frame sign halloween

This old-fashioned A-frame sign adds a sense of retro fun for a shop that obviously fits with the wares it sells.

So, what will you do to add some festivity to your store this holiday season? Leave your ideas in the comments below!

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