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Accessory Vinyl Wraps for Car Interiors

Posted on October 01, 2014 | Posted by Kris Williamson

If you're on our blog, you probably know that you can get the outside of your vehicle customized with a vinyl wrap. But, did you know that we do interior accessory vinyl wraps? A lot of people like to get interior accent wraps because they add a nice touch of personality without committing to cover the entire vehicle. They can look really great if you get colors or patterns that complement your car's interior as well.   

Of course, due to the nature of wrap vinyl, we can only wrap hard surfaces. This means that dashboards, gearshifts, steering wheels, and other smaller surfaces are the perfect place for a little added color. Speaking of color, we offer vinyl color options in custom gloss, matte, carbon fiber, brushed and other finishes. Is alligator print your thing? We've got it! Maybe you'd like something with sparkles? We can do that too! We also can print custom graphics that can be applied to your interior if you have something in mind.  

Tiffany blue Hexis wrap interior on BMW. 12-Point SignWorks

This BMW was wrapped in Tiffany Blue Hexis vinyl for Global Motorsports—a local luxury car dealership. You can see that we added matching vinyl to the door jamb, the gearshift, and the steering wheel.

To get the vinyl to stay down, we normally would use oxygen blow torches when applying vinyl to the exterior of the car. Vinyl is typically fairly flexible and pliable, but there are definitely ideal temperatures that affect how well the vinyl behaves. If vinyl is too cold, it turns brittle and is almost impossible to work with. On the other hand, if vinyl is too hot, it turns into an almost-putty-like material that stretches out too far in globs. Using a torch on vinyl might seem counterintuitive then, but having the right amount of high heat on vinyl right as it's being applied to a vehicle helps activate the adhesive and will give a smoother and more lasting wrap.

Obviously, we can't use blow torches on the interior of a vehicle the way we can on the metal exterior. The leather, plastic, or other sort of polymer interior would either melt or burn with such intense heat! So, for these applications we use a smaller heat gun that will get the vinyl to do what it should without damaging the interior. 

Camo interior accent vinyl wrap. 12-Point SignWorksOur lead wrap installer, Rich, put this Mossy Oak vinyl in Break-Up inside his own GMC Sierra.

Because interior applications can be tricky, we definitely recommend going to a professional wrap installer if you don't have any previous wrap experience. A professional installer will have the tools and the experience to get great looking results the first time. Just a note of caution: Be wary of vinyl that you can purchase online. Not all products are created equal, and you will be able to tell if it is not quality vinyl when it is put inside your vehicle. We always recommend using name-brand vinyl that comes with a guarantee when installed properly.  

Since the interior vinyl is going in "high traffic" areas that are going to get a lot of contact, it's important to watch for any lifting and let your wrap installer know right away if your vinyl is starting to peel back. If a wrap is really new and hasn't been given the time to set, it might start to curl back and peel up along the seams or edges. The wrap installer has the proper means to correct that for you. We don't recommend attempting to correct it on your own!

Interior accessory vinyl wraps are an easy and simple way to spruce up, complement and personalize your vehicle's interior. If you're looking for your own interior accent wrap, give us a call or click on the button below to get a free quote! Be sure to tell us about your vehicle so we can give you the information you need to start your project.


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