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Types of Car Wrap Film - How Many Choices Are There?

Posted on October 03, 2014 | Posted by Kris Williamson

We receive requests for estimates on custom car wraps on a daily basis. Usually the request will include the year, make and model of the car, but rarely will it include the specifics about the desired color for the car. One of the first questions we always ask is: Are you interested in a specific color or a custom graphic? (We also ask for the current color of the vehicle - just in case you want to request an estimate after reading this!) Without coming into our shop, it's impossible to grasp the choices that you have in choosing a car wrap film. The premium products that we use are ever evolving with new colors and textures that will make each car unique to the person who drives it.

The most popular choices in wraps are the color changing wraps and the custom digitally printed car wraps. The color changing wraps have become more and more popular, with matte black often being the color of choice. Custom digitally printed car wraps are typically reserved for commercial and vehicle advertising; however, don't let that stop you from making your car as personalized as you want it!

If a color changing wrap is what you would like, you have a lot of options to choose from. These wrap films are pre-cured so you choose your color and look, and we order it. We only use films made by premium manufacturers because quality is of the utmost importance to us - and it makes it easier to install (and remove) when it's the best!

  • Solid color wrap film (including gloss, satin and metallic)
    Honestly, you have to see them to believe them! There are so many colors to choose from.
  • Textured wrap film
    The textured wrap film costs a little more than the solid color film. This type of film also requires more time and labor to install. Highly trained installers take the time to ensure that the patterns are perfectly aligned as each sheet of wrap is applied. Some examples of the textured wraps include carbon fiber, brushed metal, snake skin and leather.
  • Chrome wrap film
    Chrome wrap film is the top of the line - in cost and in cost to install. The chrome wrap alone is the most expensive available, and it takes a little more time to install it properly. Silver may be the color you think of when you think of chrome, but you can actually get chrome wrap film in colors like blue, gold, red and yellow.
Avery Dennison wrap film sample colors. 12-Point SignWorks

A sampling of the car wrap film color and texture choices from Avery Dennison.
How do you even begin to choose?

Textured wrap film sample colors from Hexis. 12-Point SignWorks
Are you looking for a textured look? Maybe in carbon fiber, sequin or alligator? 
Here is a sampling of textures from Hexis. 

Custom digitally printed car wrap film is the other popular choice when it comes to car wraps. Again, we often see this with commercial vehicles and vehicle advertising, but it also can make your car the only one like it in the neighborhood.

  • Printable solid color wrap film
    There are solid color wrap films available that can be printed on to add a customized look. Obviously, the color of the wrap will show through, but you can create a ghosted look that will add to the orginiality of the car.
  • Custom digitally printed wrap film
    If you have a logo or a design for your business, it can be printed onto the wrap and installed on your vehicle. This is a very cost-effective form of advertising! If you don't have a logo or design but you would like one, we have talented graphic designers who can create the artwork for you. This may seem like an expensive option for a car wrap, but it all depends on the amount of detail within the design of the wrap, as well as the attention to detail required while installing the wrap.
Custom digitally printed wrap for Activa. 12-Point SignWorks

A sample of a custom digitally printed wrap we created and installed for Activa!

We only use premium manufacturers of wrap film. Arlon, Avery Dennison, 3M, Oracal and Hexis are the brands we find offer the best quality and selection. All of the manufacturers offer guarantees* on their products, ensuring that you will be covered in the event that something happens to the wrap while it's on your car. With proper care and maintenance, you could enjoy your customized car for three to five years!

Contact us today to tell us about your car! We can help you make your car an original. You can call us or click on the button below to get started on your free estimate!

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*Each manufacturer guarantee is different. All customers receive the details of the guarantee at the time of installation. Make sure you purchase your wrap from a reputable dealer.

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