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Get Your Business Noticed This Holiday Season!

Posted on December 04, 2014 | Posted by Kris Williamson

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, how can your business stand out from the rest? Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday are just a few of the marketing tactics used to lure potential buyers out to spend money. What can make your business different during the holiday season? You can start by getting into the holiday spirit! From coast to coast, businesses decorate their buildings, entrances, retail space or any area they can find to attract customers to their locale. Even if your business doesn't have a 'gifty' product to sell, you can reap the benefits of festive decorations.

Vinyl window graphics we installed at Embers Grill and Fireplace Store in Cool Springs. 12-Point SignWorksWe recently installed these vinyl window graphics at the Embers Grill & Fireplace Store
in Cool Springs. They have everything you need to warm up when it's cold outside!
We love how the graphics cast a shadow on the floor of the store as well. Pretty neat!

Increase Your Visibility

Decorating your place of business makes you noticeable! Have your customers ever asked how they can find you? Give them something that they will never forget. Using lights, inflatables, wreaths, garland, festive signage and window displays can offer landmarks that you can reference to your customers. Your decorations also give them something to reference to their friends. I can't think of a business that doesn't like a good referral or two.

The National Retail Federation predicts that Americans will spend $616.9 billion during the 2014 holiday season. Increasing your visibility could get you a nice chunk of that statistic!

2014 holiday spending forecast courtesy of the National Retail Federation.

Get Noticed

If you are really feeling the holiday spirit, go all out! Step up your holidays decorations so that nobody will be able to miss your business! Maybe you will get noticed by the local radio or news stations. Making yourself noticeable will make people talk about you. 

Thinking of going to the extreme? Take a tip from the retail giants in New York City! Bloomingdale's, Macy's and Saks Fifth Avenue are just some of the shopping destinations that get their own walking map during the holiday season. If you aren't feeling that ambitious, I'm sure you can snag a few ideas from their over-the-top displays.

Attract Children...and Their Parents (if applicable!)

Children LOVE this time of year! Take a step back to your childhood and relish in the season. (I don't think I would decorate nearly as much if I didn't have my children for encouragement!) Tap into the magic of Christmas, and the children will want to visit your business. Luckily, parents are usually attached to those kids.

Make Your Business a Destination

You will attract customers to your festive atmosphere with the right holiday decorations. The right type of business can turn into a venue for a holiday party. Maybe your business isn't suitable as a party location. You can still make it the place to be with cheerful displays that are merry and bright. Your decorations could change a "someday I will stop by there" feeling into a "let's go right now!"

De-Grinch Your Workplace

The holidays can be exhausting! With gifts to buy, baking to be done, traffic to navigate and parties to attend, getting through the day at work can be tough. Adding holiday trinkets and knickknacks around your business can boost spirits and put smiles on worn out faces. Make your business a joyful place for your little elves!

Do More!

Let's face it, we can all do a little more to help those in need. A business filled with holiday cheer will bring out the goodwill in everyone. Maybe you can adopt an Angel Tree family? You could schedule an evening to volunteer at Second Harvest Food Bank in Nashville. How about an office holiday potluck? Is there an employee who could use some assistance? Everyone can come together to help that employee have a very Merry Christmas. There are so many possibilities for service during the holidays. Let your holiday decorations foster that spirit of giving! 

Do you need to add some oomph to your holiday decorations? Let us know! We can spruce up your decor with holiday signage, banners and window graphics to make your business merry!

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