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NEW PRODUCTS for your Trade Show Displays!

Posted on December 18, 2014 | Posted by Kris Williamson

We want to spread the word about a new product line we have available that offers everything you could possibly need for trade show (a.k.a. tradeshow) displays! This hardware line by Spennare provides a solution for just about any type of exhibit you need, including banner stands, pop up displays, table top displays, brochure holders and a gigantic chair. (Yep, I said chair!)

What makes these different from other trade show displays, you ask? The Spennare products are designed with the most innovative features to make transportation, assembly and breakdown as simple as possible. On top of that, each item is carefully designed to provide the most visible advertising space to maximize exposure for greater brand awareness. Basically, this hardware line gives you phenomenal quality combined with user friendliness, which lets you focus on communicating with your audience instead of fooling with your display. I know...just what you were looking for, right?

Are you ready to see some examples? Here are a few our favorite things (read to the tune of "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music!):


Roll Up Penta for tradeshow displays. 12-Point SignWorks
With a base unit that is less than half the size of most retractable stands on the market, the Roll Up Penta offers a lightweight and compact solution for your display needs. The system features a telescoping pole that provides a range of available heights. 

Height Ranges (with telescoping pole feature):
64" to 80" (for the 24" width)
63" to 86.5" (for the 34" and 40" widths)

The top portion of the telescoping pole also gives the option of using the Roll Up Penta as a table top unit with height options ranging from 32" to 57". 


Banner Stand S10 for tradeshow displays. 12-Point SignWorks

The Banner Stand S10 can only be described as quick, easy and perfect. This lightweight banner stand (and Red Dot Design Award Winner) is available in nine different sizes to guarantee that your display needs are met. The unique foot design offers more stability without skimping on quality. 

Available Widths: 33.5", 39.5", 49" or 59"
Available Heights: 75", 82.5", 90.5", or between 61" and 86.5" with the *new* telescoping pole feature 


Pop Up S10 tradeshow display. 12-Point SignWorks
This wonder wall sets the standard for Pop Up systems! Available in straight or curved designs, innovative super magnets allow for quick and effortless assembly. The entire system easily fits in a transport case on wheels. The height for the Pop Up S10 is 89.5".

Available Sizes (Straight & Curved Frames):
2x3 (2 squares wide by 3 squares high) - Best for an 8' wide space
3x3 - Best for a 10' wide space
4x3 - Best for spaces larger than 10'


Table Top S10 tradeshow display. 12-Point SignWorks

Magnetic locks make the Table Top S10 display system easy to mount, and a small Podium Box S10 makes it easy to transport. This Red Dot Design Award Winner is available in two different sizes. (You supply the table.) 

Availabe Sizes:
2x2 (2 squares wide by 2 squares hight) - Best for a 6' wide table
3x2 - Best for an 8' wide table or larger

We've only featured a few of the options available in the Spennare product line. You can read more about all of the available products HERE. Be sure to check out the ChairIt while you are reviewing the products. This mega seat of advertising fits up to three people and holds up to 1100 pounds! The fabric color options are endless. The ChairIt definitely will help you stand out from all of the other tradeshow displays!

Are you looking for products to help your trade show display attract an audience and make your message one they won't forget? We can help! We have most of the Spennare products on display in our shop. You can see firsthand what each product looks like assembled and can even take a turn at setting them up or breaking them down. I promise...they are designed to be functional, lightweight and portable. Let's get started!

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