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Our 12-Point Tips for a Successful Trade Show Display

Posted on January 15, 2015 | Posted by Kris Williamson

The trade shows are coming! The trade shows are coming! A simple Google search for upcoming trade shows in the Nashville area lists events already planned throughout the year. From weddings to travel to even BBQ (yum!), various industries are coming together to share the latest and greatest of what they have to offer. If you are taking part in a trade show this year, you may be wondering how you will create "that" exhibit that everyone will be talking about. Where do you begin?

Sample layout ideas for a trade show exhibit. 12-Point SignWorksImage Courtesy of ImageClub10.

Lucky for you, we work with many customers to fabricate and print trade show displays and graphics. With our grand experience, we have some tips to help you breeze through the trade show season, looking like a pro! Our tips will take some time, energy and money on your part, but don't get overwhelmed. There are many display solutions available for you to use, and we are here to help you with the creativity part. 

Are you ready to get started? Here are our 12-Point Tips to make your trade show debut a success:

Make a checklist. There are so many details involved in making your presence known at a trade show. The actual display, staffing, giveaways and presentations are just a few of the things to prepare. Making a checklist will save you time and reduce the chance that you will forget something important.

Staffing preparation. Whether you are manning a display on your own or scheduling a group rotation, make sure everyone is prepared. You only want the best of the best out there, talking to potential buyers, partners or customers. Don't forget your clothes! (Literally and figuratively!) Coordinating the attire of everyone at your booth (and with your booth) will portray a sense of unity, organization and professionalism that will tie your entire display together. Plan a wardrobe that offers comfort while strengthening your brand, your message AND your display. Make sure your staff has a schedule that factors in breaks and lunches. You always want them looking and feeling their best!

Know the location. Make sure that you get a feel for the location hosting your event before you go. There should be a contact person for you to help you with all of the venue details. Do not hesitate to consult with your contact about booth location, traffic flow at the venue, number of attendees, and business listings. This information is crucial for your preparation.

Plan your exhibit. Let me repeat...Plan.Your.Exhibit. This is so important! Take the time to really plan out your display and how you want your message conveyed. Less is more, and this applies to every small detail of your exhibit. There are professionals, including our talented 12-Point team, who can assist you in creating an exhibit that relays your message and makes an impact. Here are some other little tidbits to help you plan:

  • The three second rule. (Not to be confused with the five second rule.) Make sure your message - and only one message - is understood within three seconds of your display being viewed. Use images and text that draw the attendees in, wanting to learn more about you and what you have to offer. Don't make the wording too busy, and keep the most important information at eye level.  
  • Stay safe. Ensure that your exhibit is built with the safest and most secure products. We offer a product line from Spennare that is proven to be safe while looking mighty good!
Retractable banner samples at 12-Point SignWorksWe have a number of display items, including these retractable banner stands, on display at our 12-Point SignWorks location at 1120 Lakeview Dr., Suite 900.  Stop by to try them out and see which ones fit your needs!
  • Avoid clutter. Make sure your booth has sufficient hiding places for bags, extra handouts, valuables and any other items that aren't part of your display.

Give them something to see...and take. Have your "stuff" there for people to see, touch, sample and experience. If you have a top seller, bring it! Plan demonstrations so guests can see your product(s) in action. This is not the time to be bashful. Engage them even more by having games, activities and contests (with prizes!).

Let them take home something that will remind them of you. Try to come up with something useful that also ties into your message. Reusable drinking cups, personalized jar openers, or even product discounts are some ideas that could offer lasting marketing results. Be creative! 

Use technology to your advantage. Few people these days travel without some sort of electronic device to keep them connected. Use this to your advantage! Start from the beginning and make sure you are represented on the exhibitors' page for the show. You also can incorporate technology into your actual exhibit with touch screen displays or monitors that play video loops and offer pertinent information about your product or service.

the Pop Up S10 offers function and technology! 12-Point SignWorksWhen the Pop Up S10 and the Monitor Stand S10 are used together, they create endless opportunities to market and showcase your brand.

Have your social media accounts set-up and ready to connect with your guests before you go. Post updates about your exhibit on Facebook. Follow Twitter hash tags for the show (#greatestideaever). Develop an interactive app for attendees to download on the spot. Be prepared to record testimonials to use later. The opportunities are endless!

We could go on and on with our tips and pointers! If you want more, here are some other blog posts about trade show displays:

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