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Does your signage or vehicle wrap include your 615 area code?

Posted on March 05, 2015 | Posted by Kris Williamson

If you answered 'yes', then you are in good shape! A 'no' answer will require a little work on your part. As of February 28 of this year, all calls being made from a 615 area code require the area code plus the 7-digit telephone number when dialing. If you leave out the area code, the call will not be completed, and you will get the lovely voice on the phone that tells you to try again. (I have found that some numbers are still able to call out with only the seven digit number, but I assume that will change very soon!)

The reason for the change is that we are out of telephone numbers for the area serving the 615 area code. Because of this, a new area code (629) is being added to the same geographic area serving the 615 area code.  

Map of Tennessee showing the different area codes courtesy of VerizonWireless.com. 12-Point SignWorksPhoto courtesy of verizonwireless.com.

The map above shows the area codes within the entire state of Tennessee. Starting on March 28 of this year, new telephone lines in the Nashville and surrounding areas already serviced by the 615 area code may receive the new 629 area code. Both area codes (615 and 629) will require ten digit dialing to complete all calls.

Now let's get back to signage and vehicle wraps. If you live within the 615 area code, now is the time to check your marketing materials and advertising. Do they feature your full 10-digit telephone number? If they only show your 7-digit number, you should begin the process of changing the information to include your area code. After March 28, there will be mass confusion and panic when people have to choose between 615 and 629. Just kidding! It won't be that bad, but potential customers may move on to the next business instead of trying to find out which area code belongs to your number. 

So what can you do? Here are some options for updating your business telephone number.

Vinyl Lettering

If your business door or window includes your contact information, this is an easy fix. We can remove your current 7-digit telephone number and replace it with the 10-digit number. Even if we did not do the original lettering, we can fabricate the new number sequence to match the other information for your business.

Banners, Posters and Other Large Format Printing 

For some products, we may be able to create a simple adhesive backed patch for the telephone number. (That's the quick and easy fix.) Items that contain colors may pose a problem because of fade. As the products are exposed to the sunlight and other elements, the ink may fade, which will cause the patch to really stand out. This is a case by case situation and really depends on your product's purpose. The big question is: Will the color difference bother you?

Exterior signage for Great South Real Estate Development. 12-Point SignWorks

This exterior sign gives an example of a patch that we can make
to update your telephone number.

Vehicle Advertising Wraps and Graphics

For full and partial coverage vehicle wraps, the options are similar to those for large format printing. We can fabricate a simple patch to cover the existing number with the updated 10-digit sequence. Once again, color fade can cause a problem with how the patch looks. If a patch will not work, we can take a look at the area and suggest other options to get your advertising wrap up-to-date. (For perforated window vinyl, we will need to add the full number to the design and replace the entire area.)

If you have spot graphics on your vehicle, we can easily remove the graphic and fabricate a new digital print with the 10-digit number. 

Vehicle graphics for Heritage Heating & Cooling. 12-Point SignWorks
We can easily cut the vinyl to add the 615 area code to the Heritage Heating & Cooling truck.

For any replacements that include digital printing, please know that we will use appropriate materials of the highest quality. For vehicle wraps and graphics, this includes premium cast vinyl. For banners and other large format printing, we use intermediate vinyls that are not quite as pricey as the cast vinyl used on vehicles.

Exterior Signage, Lobby Signs, Tradeshow Displays and More

For any signage that we have not mentioned, please contact us to see how we can modify your telephone number or replace your signage to include your area code. By speaking with you, we can identify the proper materials needed to ensure you don't miss a single phone call!

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