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Custom Vinyl Wraps for Nautilus Hyosung NH-2700 Retail ATMs

Posted on April 09, 2015 | Posted by Kris Williamson

I know what you're thinking - don't we just wrap vehicles and trailers? Even though it may seem that way, we also install vinyl on many other items. Some you may consider unique (like a cranial orthotic helmet), and others are items you may use quite often and just don't realize that they are wrapped. One such item is the Nautilus Hyosung NH-2700 Advanced Retail ATM. (That's a long name; let's just call it the NH-2700, okay?)

Our friends at First Regents Banc Services and Equipment introduced us to one of their customers who wanted to have their NH-2700 ATMs wrapped. We took the opportunity to create a custom template that precisely matches the dimensions of the sides and front of the NH-2700 model. With the template made, the customer designed their information to fit in each designated area. From the completed art files, we digitally printed, laminated and installed the custom vinyl wraps on seven machines.

Custom wrapped Nautilus Hyosung NH-2700 ATMs. 12-Point SignWorks

First Regents invited us to work with their customer, TVA Employees Credit Union, to wrap seven of their NH-2700 ATMs. Here is a photo of them after they were wrapped by our very own Felix.

If you aren't in the ATM business, you may be wondering what's so special about the NH-2700. According to the Nautilus Hyosung website, this ATM has sleek looks, innovation and rock-solid reliability. From what I can see (and read), this model is the crème de la crème of ATMs, offering limited maintenance needs, advanced security measures and retail market reliability. 

If you are in the ATM business, you may want to know why you should have a custom vinyl wrap installed on your machines. Even if you don't want to know, you may be surprised by the value of custom vinyl wraps because they: 

  • Provide a powerful marketing tool
  • Offer visual branding in accessible locations
  • Increase transaction volume
  • Advertise for products, services and specials
  • Can be interchanged for rotating or new promotions and incentives

We are pleased to offer the use of our template for your NH-2700 ATM advertising needs. We can provide you, the client, with the template, or our 12-Point team can work with you to create the design that you envision. If you are providing us with the artwork, we do request vector files for the best clarity and quality in the final product.

Once the artwork is ready, we digitally print the design on premium high-tack adhesive vinyl with a protective textured laminate. The final product will precisely fit the front and sides of the NH-2700. Because the vinyl is contoured and custom cut to the exact dimensions of the ATM, the material can be installed by the customer (YOU!) and does not require a professional. The material also is removable, which allows for flexibility when specials and promotions change throughout the year.

We've also wrapped ATMs of other makes and models. (We recently completed a project for another client with seventeen ATMs!) No matter your style preference, we know you will benefit from the marketing value of custom vinyl advertising wraps on your ATMs. 

Are you ready to hear more or to get started on your own custom ATM wrap? We can provide you with our custom NH-2700 template, or we can offer our design services. 

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