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Moving? Make sure your signage lets everyone know!

Posted on April 23, 2015 | Posted by Kris Williamson

Recently, I've been surrounded by people on the move. New friends are moving into Franklin. Other friends are moving out. Some friends are just moving across town. Even businesses are moving locations. Change is never easy, but itʼs especially difficult when you rely on your customers knowing your location to keep your business up and running. Moving your business from one location to another can pose quite a problem if you donʼt inform your customers about the change. How will they know where to find you?

Moving doesnʼt happen overnight, which means that you have plenty of time to notify your customers about your upcoming change. At least a month before your actual move, you should post signs and banners that inform people coming in and passing by that your time at that address is limited. A simple “We're Moving” sign isnʼt enough. The signage should be informative and must prepare your customers to move with you. If they canʼt find you, they may just move on to another business offering the same product or service. I know that sounds harsh, but (as my mother-in-law would say) itʼs true!

We're Moving sign written on a plain cardboard box. 12-Point SignWorks

So what kind of information should your moving signage include?

  • We are moving! This simple statement (or variation of it) will definitely catch the attention of people coming into and passing by your business. The last thing that you want to do is make your move seem like a bad thing. Generate excitement around it so that your customers will feel a positive vibe from you. Yay, you're moving!
  • The big date. Your customers need to know when you will be shutting the doors at your current address. Help them be prepared, and you will have a better chance of retaining more of them.
  • Your new address. Tell your customers where they can find you after your closing date. Posting the address as soon as possible will give them time to prepare and plan. Are you moving close to a historical location or a notable area? Referencing recognizable neighbors and landmarks will make it easier for your customers to remember where they should look for you.
  • Include your logo. This is a perfect time to strengthen your brand by including your logo or a graphic that represents your business. You don't want to get lost in the mix of surrounding businesses. Adding your logo or graphic helps your signage stand out to your customers and alerts them to pay attention to what it says. 
  • The second big date. Yes, your cosing date is a big deal, but it's the opening date at the new location that will really mean something to your loyal customers. Are you planning any type of celebration or big grand opening event? Have something posted that invites your customers to come see you. Getting them to your location that very first time is an important step in retaining them for the long haul.
Moving sign for Ascend Federal Credit Union. 12-Point SignWorksWe printed signs like the one above for Ascend Federal Credit Union. The simple and classy design was posted around the location to notify their customers of the change. Although their move was only temporary, their customers needed to know where to find them while their location was being renovated.

Ascend FCU's signage telling customers that they had moved to a new location. 12-Point SignWorksDuring the renovation, Ascend FCU kept some signage up for customers who did not know about the temporary move. This is a wonderful way to make sure your customers don't feel left out and so they can still find you.

Yes, your current location is a prime locale to advertise your move, but donʼt forget about getting the word out at your new location. Depending on what you are allowed to hang or post, you can find a variety of ways to let folks know you are on your way there.

Yard signs and banners can tell people that you are “coming soon” to a specific location. Once you know your opening date, you can modify the signage to indicate your “Grand Opening” date and any specials that may come along with it. Giving people a taste of what's to come in a fun and exciting way will peak their interest and hopefully drive in some new business for you. Plus, the signage at the new location will make it easier for your current customers to see where your new location will be.

The temporary signage that announces your new address is just the start of what you need when you change locations. Whether your business is moving across town or to another suite in the same building (like we did!), you also must consider what you should do about your permanent signage. Can you take it with you, or do you need something entirely different at your new location? In some cases, taking your sign with you can be a very cost-effective solution. Moving tips: Make sure that you check the condition of your signage. Is it fit for the move? You should also check with the city codes and ordinances for what is allowed at your new place.

Take advantage of your move to update your signage or even create a whole new look for your business. Interior and exterior signs, wayfinding signage, ADA-compliant building signs and even advertising wraps for your vehicles are just a few of the ways you can strengthen your brand and get your business noticed. If you donʼt know where to start, let us know! We are happy to guide you through the moving process to make it as easy as possible on you...and your customers!

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