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Creating Depth and Color in Dimensional Acrylic Signage

Posted on April 15, 2016 | Posted by Kris Williamson

Not all dimensional signs are created equal, and we love that at 12-Point SignWorks! We strive to make each custom sign as unique as its owner, and one technique we use creates amazing depth and color. By installing vinyl to the second surface of our dimensional acrylic pieces, the color takes on a whole new dimension - in dimensional acrylic signage!

We've used this technique in a number of different ways, including a recent sign we designed, fabricated, and installed for LSO Final Mile in Franklin, TN. With a recent name change from Express Courier, LSO Final Mile wanted to update their business signage. We were happy to assist them with an interior dimensional logo sign for their Corporate Office in the Southeastern region.

To create the beautiful teal color in their logo, we used a "sandwiching" technique to layer acrylic and vinyl. The layers not only create the desired thickness, but they also produce a deep, beautiful teal that really pops against their office wall. 

A proof of the acrylic layers for the LSO Final Mile dimensional sign. 12-Point SignWorks

The sample from the LSO Final Mile proof shows the layering process for both elements of the dimensional logo sign. For the teal, 1/8" gloss black acrylic, teal vinyl, and 1/8" clear acrylic were layered to create a gorgeous final product. The shapes were custom cut on our in-house laser.

Beautiful layers for the LSO Final Mile dimensional logo sign. 12-Point SignWorks

The polished laser edges really complete the look. The profile of the sign perfectly shows the gorgeous layers. The clear acrylic adds to the shine of the second surface teal vinyl bonded to it. The gloss black acrylic creates a wonderful outline for the dimensional pieces and also offers an extra bonus of hiding any attachment points.

For the 'LSO' portion of the logo, we used the "sandwiching" technique again - but without the vinyl. To create the letters, we used 1/4" thick gloss black acrylic with a Rowmark simulated metal face. The layers were bonded together and then laser cut to create the letters. The combination of the glossy teal and sleek brushed metal is striking on the wall at LSO Final Mile. 

The signage proof for LSO Final Mile by 12-Point SignWorks.

This proof gives the final dimensions and a taste of what the completed sign will look like.

Acrylic and vinyl custom dimensional logo sign for LSO Final Mile. 12-Point SignWorks

And here it is! The sign installed! 

Dimensional logo sign with a Rowmark simulated metal face for LSO Final Mile. 12-Point SignWorks

In certain lighting, the metal face really shines!

We've used this same technique in other combinations. For Alfred Williams & Company, we only used it for a portion of their exterior building sign. We used standard blue acrylic colors to create the custom pieces for most of the letters in their logo; however, to create the beautiful green, we used clear acrylic with the green vinyl mounted second surface. 

Custom dimensional acrylic sign on metal panels. 12-Point SignWorks

This view of the Alfred Williams sign really shows the depth of color the subsurface vinyl bonding provides. It's noticeably different from the standard blue acrylic pieces.

We love the results of this sign making process and always love to develop new ways to enhance colors. We've also done the same thing with paint! Check out the milky letters we created for Sweet Cece's Franklin in this blog post.

We are always working on new and better ways to create unique custom signage. We have a few new techniques in the works, and we will be sure to keep you updated on our website, our social media, and our e-mail correspondence!

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