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Custom Channel Letter Signs Light Up the Night in Franklin, TN

Posted on September 03, 2015 | Posted by Kris Williamson

When the sun goes down in Franklin, TN, businesses with outdoor signage start to light up. Without lit signage, including channel letter signs, it would be impossible to identify the storefronts for all of our local restaurants, retail stores and other businesses. Just think how dark and dreary the roads would be without bright colors and illuminated letters and logos. Take a look around the next time your are out past daylight, and you'll probably notice more signage than ever before.

Channel letter signs have eye-catching power. What does that mean, you ask? They have the ability to make people stop and notice. That's a true advantage when each day seems to be busier than the last. Business owners need the extra marketing to get their businesses noticed. Channel letter signs do this in an effective and professional way while strengthening brand recognition. Win-win, I say!

Releve One Fitness and Dance Studios exterior channel letter sign located in Franklin, TN. 12-Point SignWorks

The sign for {r}elevé one stands out during the day and lights up the brick storefront at night! Located in a busy shopping area of Franklin, the studio would go unnoticed without the bright sign marking its entrance.

There are a variety of electrical or lit signage options, but we are featuring standard channel letter signs here. Here's some technical info about channel letters:

Channel letters can be created in just about any font, color or size; however, the construction of the individual pieces is quite standard. They are fabricated out of U-shaped pieces (or channels) of metal. Aluminum is the metal of choice because it will not rust, and it's lighter than steel, which is a benefit when installing a large sign on the side of a building. The U-shaped channel creates a "can" that can be painted and fitted with proper lighting (typically LED modules).

The proof for the Tropical Smoothie Cafe exterior signage by 12-Point SignWorks in Franklin, TN.

This is a proof we created for Tropical Smoothie Café. Along with the layout and fabrication, we also made sure that the proper permits were in place with the City of Franklin. We always make sure the signs we fabricate and install are legit!

A translucent face, usually made from acrylic or polycarbonate, is cut to fit the open area of of the can. By adding a cap around the acrylic and the can, the piece becomes a complete unit that can be installed and illuminated on a storefront. When turned on, the light shines directly out from the letter.

Here's some not-so-technical but pretty important-to-know info: Channel letters don't have to be just letters. Confusing, right? Logos and images that represent a business can be incorporated into channel letter signs. That means businesses are open to creating a sign that really represents their service or product.

The channel letter sign for Jamba Juice in Franklin, TN by 12-Point SignWorks.

This Jamba Juice sign is a perfect example of using a logo in a channel letter sign. This sign just wouldn't be the same without the Jamba Juice brandmark! You can visit Jamba Juice at two locations in Franklin - in Downtown Franklin and in Cool Springs off of McEwen Drive (where this exact sign is located).

The great thing about lit signage is that it isn't just effective at night. Illuminated signs also stand out during the day and in various weather conditions. They are such a versatile and necessary part of the signage for any type of business. You may not have a future on Broadway, but you need to see your business name up in lights!

Starting up a new business or looking for ways to get your current space noticed? Let us help you design a channel letter sign to let everyone know YOU ARE HERE. It works - we promise! Check out other forms of channel letter signage by reading this blog post. You can contact us at (615) 595-6564 or by clicking on the button below. 

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