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Custom Signage Options to Show Your Gratitude

Posted on June 04, 2015 | Posted by Kris Williamson

Saying 'thank you' isn't always enough. Sometimes your customers, vendors or clients deserve a little extra something to truly know how much you appreciate them. We aren't trying to sound like a Hallmark card, but showing appreciation does go a long way.

The best way to show your gratitude could be with custom signage. We've designed and fabricated many personalized signs and plaques to be gifted away. Maybe you are in need of something unique and memorable to present to that certain someone? Here are some examples to consider.

Clear Acrylic

There are so many options when working with acrylic, and the material has its advantages too! Clear acrylic or acrylic in standard colors can be very cost effective when used for custom signage.

For this example, we back printed a photograph and signatures on a 20" by 18" by 1/4" thick piece of clear acrylic. To the acrylic, we adhered both a rowmark laser etched plaque and logo. The entire display mounts to the wall with four 1" etched aluminum standoffs; however, it could be presented on a stand.

Custom display plaque designed and fabricated for Choate Construction. 12-Point SignWorks

Galvanized Steel

If you want a unique and industrial look, galvanized steel is an option for a personalized gift. What is galvanized steel, you ask? Good question! It's formed when you take regular sheets of steel and coat them with zinc to make them corrosion resistant.

For this project, we directly printed on eleven 18" by 24" pieces of galvanized steel to create gifts for Beck/Arnley's 100th anniversary. The company requested a slightly distressed look so we used mill-finished steel to achieve the style that they wanted.

Custom printed galvanized metal signs for Beck/Arnley's 100 year anniversary. 12-Point SignWorks 

Anodized Aluminum

Sticking to the metal options, anodized aluminum is perfect for creating a custom sign or plaque. During anodizing, an electrochemical process occurs that increases the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the aluminum surface. This creates the fancy finish that makes the aluminum look very decorative.

In our example below, the 18" by 12" by 1/4" thick aluminum sign panel has a dark bronze anodized color. We laser engraved the plaque to personalize it for an orthodontic office; however, it can be personalized with any special message or picture.


Stainless Steel

Although it's a pricier metal option, stainless steel can be used to make something pretty fantastic. We custom etched this 9" by 12" by 1/8" thick piece of stainless steel as a special gift for a company celebrating their 50th anniversary. So nice! To add a pop of color, we added paint fill detail in black and red. Although this sign could be mounted to a wall, we created a custom acrylic easel so that it could be displayed on a table, desk or counter. 

Custom etched stainless steel plaque. 12-Point SignWorks


If you don't want the industrial look of steel and prefer something au naturel, custom signage made out of wood could be the answer. We laser engraved this piece of wood with our 12-Point SignWorks Wraps logo; however, there are countless ways you could use wooden materials to create something that says, 'thank you' or 'we are proud of you.'


These examples are only a sample of materials that we can use to create a personalized sign of appreciation. (Pun totally intended!) We've also used foam board, other metals, poster material and vinyl to create custom displays for those who deserve a little pat on the back. If you have somebody you would like to thank, let us help you design something truly meaningful!

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