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Custom Vinyl Graphics Offer Personalization for Bikes and Trikes

Posted on March 11, 2016 | Posted by Kris Williamson

Bikes and trikes (of the motorcycle kind) don't have as much surface area as other vehicles, but they still offer many options for personalization. Any painted, hard surface provides a blank canvas for creative expression. Whether the graphics add a personal touch or a business advertisement, the bike or trike can be branded just for you.

For two-wheeled motorcycles, we get requests to design and install custom graphics on fenders, fairings, gas tanks, and other select areas of the bike body. The opportunities for customization really depend upon the bike's make and model and the extent of the transformation desired. Basically, if it's possible, we can do it! 

In some cases, we don't even need to touch the actual bike! Recently, we installed custom graphics on three motorcycle boxes, advertising for Vision Source.

Installed graphics on motorcycle boxes for Vision Source. 12-Point SignWorks

All done and ready for the road! Now there's a sharp looking bike.

Since the artwork already was made, we simply created print files from it and digitally printed it on high-performance vinyl material with a protective laminate. We installed the wrap onto the boxes in our shop - without the bike even being present. 

The before and after photos of the motorcycle boxes. 12-Point SignWorks

The before and after photos of the three motorcycle boxes. We had to remove some decals that were on the boxes when they arrived at our shop so that they wouldn't show under the vinyl.

When the customer returned to pick-up the boxes, we added a small decal to the bike's windshield. The overall style of the bike didn't change, but the graphics on the motorcycle boxes change the entire look and provide advertising for the company while the bike is on and off the road.

Front windshield decal on the BMW motorcycle with wrapped boxes. 12-Point SignWorks

In this photo, you can see the small decal we installed on the windshield of the bike.

As for the trike option, we receive a lot of inquiries about custom wraps and graphics for the Polaris Slingshot. These three-wheeled motorcycles are a lot of fun and have a nice amount of surface area for a complete color change wrap, a partial wrap, or custom vinyl graphics. One inquiry even requested a quote for a full-coverage zebra print wrap! 

The completed Slingshot with custom vinyl graphics in our shop. 12-Point SignWorks

This Slingshot doesn't have a flashy zebra print, but the cut vinyl makes it unique.

We installed cut vinyl on a Slingshot for a fellow Franklin native. Because he wasn't sure what he wanted, we started by having him bring his three-wheeled motorcycle to our shop. With a grease marking pencil, Felix worked with him and drew his ideas onto the Slingshot. We added all of the options our customer was considering, and then we created an estimate based on those areas. 

Once our customer decided on what worked best for his budget, we created a proof for him, showing the detail and requested colors (maroon metallic and silver metallic) on his Slingshot. He approved the design, and we created the cut files for fabrication.

We installed high-performance cut vinyl for the center hood stripe, dorsal stripe, and the quarter panel C-stripe on the Slingshot. I've seen the finished graphics on the road, and they offer just enough personalization to catch the eye - especially the dorsal stripe!

A close-up of the custom dorsal and C-stripe graphics on the Polaris Slingshot. 12-Point SignWorks

This photo shows the dorsal and C-stripe cut vinyl graphics. The combination of maroon metallic and silver metallic is perfect on this Slingshot.

Custom hood graphics on the Polaris Slingshot. 12-Point SignWorks

Here's an overhead view of the center hood graphics. Tell us if you see this Slingshot around Franklin!

Let us know what you think about these projects in the comment section below. Whether you have a bike or a trike (or a car or a boat or a truck!), we can help you customize it into something special. Contact us today at (615) 595-6564 or click on the button below to get started on your project.  

Do you have something unique that needs a wrap? Contact us today to get started!  

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