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Delicious Custom Signage at the Farmers Market

Posted on July 09, 2015 | Posted by Kris Williamson

As local Farmers Markets gain in popularity, there is an even bigger need for farmers, bakers and artisans to be noticed by shoppers. The desire to purchase perfectly ripe, locally grown and homemade items appeals to more and more of the population. Not only is the food as fresh as can be, but purchasing the local products also supports the community. Everyone benefits!

So how can individual vendors get noticed within a collection of pop up tents, tables and displays? To stand out, vendors need to use custom signage to differentiate them from everyone else.

Here are five custom signage options that can make every display more delicious:


Banners can be used in a variety of ways to advertise who you are. Your banner will be noticed from a distance and will draw in the shoppers looking for your products. It is the introduction to your brand and should include all of the basic information that shoppers need to find you. Keep in mind the size of the market space. A well-designed banner should be:

  • Easy to read from three to five feet away.
  • A simple introduction to your brand. (Incorporate any brand colors, logos and simple contact information.)
  • Securely fastened to the top of your tent or onto the front of your table.
  • Durable enough to withstand any changes in weather.

A sample of banners at farmers markets. 12-Point SignWorks

 Banner placement options for farmers market displays.
(Photo Credits: Farmers Market displays on Pinterest)

A-Frame Signs

A-frame signs (a.k.a sandwich boards) are an easy and affordable way to relay information about your products to shoppers stopping to see you. Even if they are just passing by, the A-frame sign can be placed strategically in your space to inform potential buyers about your products and any special messages you want to share. Do you sell a variety of flavors? Let them know what they are! Does your product come in various sizes? List them along with any prices. If your information stays the same from week to week or season to season, the info can be digitally printed and mounted onto the A-frame to give a neat, well-organized look. If it constantly varies, an A-frame with a chalkboard, whiteboard, or interchangeable face may offer the flexibility you need. 

A-frame signage for a farmers' market in Minnetonka. 12-Point SignWorks

These A-frame signs were digitally printed to display general information for a Farmers Market. They are easy to set-up, move around, transport and store when they aren't being used.
(Photo Credit: Kort Sign Design on Facebook)

Custom Product Labels

Shoppers want to know WHAT a product is and WHO made it. Depending on the product, the ingredients are sometimes necessary to include as well. Custom product labels can list all of the information you need while also strengthening your brand. By using your logo, brand colors and product details, you are sending your customers home with a personalized business card that they can eat, use, give away or display. (Well, they shouldn't eat the label. ;) ) 


Kelley's Berry Farm sells a delicious blueberry jam! The labels provide all of the information a customer would need about the ingredients, the instructions for use and the farm information.
(Photo Credit: Kelley's Berry Farm on Facebook)

At 12-Point SignWorks, we can print bulk labels for items that will have the same information on all of them. Our printing requirements do not allow us to customize individual labels. 

Retractable Banners

Unlike the banners that hang from tents or tables, the retractable kind offers a portable solution to advertise something special. Depending on the location and size of your display area, retractable banners can be positioned to allow shoppers to see you from different vantage points. If you have something new to share or maybe a product has limited availability, you can use this signage as a way to showcase that item. Since they are easy to set-up, dismantle and change, this portable display unit can give you flexibility to advertise throughout the year. Do you travel to lots of farmers markets or welcome customers at your farm? Use them anywhere you need quick and easy marketing.


You may have noticed Red Cedar Bison at the Franklin Farmers Market!
(Photo Credit: Red Cedar Bison on Facebook)

Custom Vehicle Wraps

Trucks, trailers and other vehicles are used to transport products to and from the farmers market. Why not use those vehicles for additional signage? Depending on where they are parked, custom advertising wraps let shoppers know exactly where they can find you. 

Food trucks often venture to local markets to sell their freshly made goods. The wraps on the trucks are essential for letting customers know where they are parked. Could you imagine a parking lot of solid colored trucks? It just wouldn't work!


You can't miss the Retro Sno truck (above left) with its bright colors and stripes! 
The refrigerated Red Cedar Bison trailer (above right) is necessary for keeping the meat products fresh during market hours. Fun fact: When the trailer left our shop, people stopped on the road and asked about buying the meat! 

There are so many other options you can use to separate yourself from other vendors. The key is being consistent so that shoppers will recognize you when they see you. When you are planning your display at your local farmers market, be creative! Your product may be perfect, but that doesn't matter if you can't draw the shoppers over to you. Simple and informative advertising will attract shoppers and keep them returning week after week.  

Are you ready to add some delicious signage to your farmers market display? Contact us at 615-595-6564 or by clicking the link below for a free consultation. Looking for a local farmers market near you? You can search for one in your area HERE

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