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Delicious Custom Signage & Vehicle Wraps That Make You Say YUM!

Posted on August 28, 2015 | Posted by Kris Williamson

We're nearing the end Restaurant Week here in Nashville, y'all! For a few more days, you can find special lunch and dinner menu items and deals from some of your favorite restaurants around town. Here's the catch: The participating places are members of Nashville Originals, a non-profit independent restaurant association. We thought we would take advantage of this featured week to write about the custom signs and vehicle wrap options that are perfect for restaurants. 

We're proud to say that we've worked on projects for quite a few of the yummy spots that are part of the Nashville Restaurant Week line-up. There are so many creative signage options that can be used in a restaurant environment. Here are some of our most popular:

Outdoor Custom Signs

Nashville is home to lots of unique and delicious restaurants, Even with GPS, map apps and other tech devices, it can be difficult to find a place that you've never visited before. Custom outdoor signage identifies where a restaurant is located and, at times, even points you in the right direction to the door. (55 South and Cork & Cow are perfect examples!) There are a variety of sign materials that can withstand changes in weather while still looking fabulous. High quality aluminum, steel, plastics, foam and wood products are some options available that we use to fabricate outdoor signs to be displayed nationwide. 

Outdoor signage for 55 South and Cork and Cow in Franklin, TN. 12-Point SignWorks

We digitally printed the restaurant names and laminated vinyl and mounted them to custom cut ACP. Since the restaurants are located adjacent to each other, the arrows point to the entrance doors for each.

Hanging Signs

When a sign on a building isn't enough or doesn't fit the vibe of the area, hanging signs add to the visibility and branding of restaurants. With a variety of bracket designs, hanging signs can enhance the overall style of a restaurant, incorporating specific shapes and colors. Just remember to check local and city codes requirements prior to starting any custom signage project!

Exterior hanging sign for 55 South in Franklin, TN. 12-Point SignWorks

Custom hanging signs add such a personal touch! This one looks fantastic on our quaint Main Street in Franklin. To get the custom look, we sandwiched a center layer of silver material in between two outer panels of gloss black acrylic. The 55 South lettering was laser cut into the black acrylic to create the signage. We reinforced the top edge with an aluminum bar that attaches to the hanging bracket.

Window & Door Vinyl Decals

Custom vinyl is the perfect way to add pertinent information about a business for potential, new and repeat customers to see. Vinyl decals are easy to remove when information changes, which can happen quite often in the restaurant business! Even something as small as an opening time on Saturday mornings can be changed quickly with new cut vinyl. 

Vinyl also offers the opportunity for creativity with font style, color and size. Colors aren't limited to just black or white. Frosted and metallic colors (like the copper metallic vinyl for 55 South) look fantastic on windows and doors and strengthen brand colors.  

Vinyl also can be used to feature specific menu items or holiday specials. Think of it as an extension of restaurant advertising that can be changed over and over again!

Custom vinyl decals for 55 South in Franklin, TN. 12-Point SignWorks

Custom vinyl decals are perfect for displaying information about the restaurant on windows and glass doors. We've fabricated similar vinyl pieces in silver metallic for Cork and Cow.

Large Format Printing

Posters, banners and wall murals offer additional advertising and decorating options for restaurants. Posters and banners can be used for new or featured specials, changes in business hours or location, and special events. They typically aren't as durable and only are displayed for specific periods of time. Wall murals (and posters too!) can be used as part of the overall interior design of the dining area. Depending on the materials used and the quality of the images, the displays can become a permanent fixture in a restaurant's decor.

One of many foam board posters we created for Gray's on Main in Franklin, TN. 12-Point SignWorks

We digitally printed a series of high-res photos onto vinyl and mounted the pictures on foam board. Since the photos are so crisp and clear, they look fantastic as feature pieces for Gray's on Main in Franklin.

Vehicle Wraps

We could go on and on about how advertising wraps are a wonderful marketing tool for your business, and they work day and night! For restaurants, the design options are endless for really making a statement about what food and drinks are served. Some restaurants, such as Saffire, let their logo do all of the advertising. Other restaurants feature images of prepared items to really grab the attention of people on the road. Regardless of the design, advertising wraps reach potential patrons more effectively than most other forms of advertising. 

A dual vehicle wrap featuring Saffire Restaurant in Franklin, TN. 12-Point SignWorks

 The Saffire side of this full-coverage vehicle wrap makes it look like the Saffire logo is burned into the wood grain texture. This design wouldn't work without our high resolution printers!

This is just a sample of the options available for restaurant signage. While you are out this weekend, take a peek at the signs around you. You may even notice some of the ones featured here! Don't forget to check the Restaurant Week specials! They only last through Sunday.

Looking for your own custom signs or vehicle wrap? Let us know how we can help! We have a talented team of graphic designers who can create the perfect look for your business. Contact us at (615) 595-6564 or by clicking on the link below.

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