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Did you see that? Advertising Wrap Designs That Make You Look Twice

Posted on March 17, 2016 | Posted by Kris Williamson

It's a proven fact that advertising wraps work. They offer the most bang for your marketing buck, and a quality wrap design will work for you every hour of the day from day one. We see more and more businesses adding custom vehicle wraps and graphics to their branding efforts, and many of them want the same thing: to stand out from their competition. How does this happen? With creativity, of course! Here are some of our favorite vehicle wrap designs that offer something special to make you look twice. 

Larger Than Life

The Gunner Kennels enclosed trailer in our Franklin, TN shop. 12-Point SignWorks

When in doubt, make your product larger than life! We did just that for Gunner Kennels and their enclosed company trailer. The dimensions were perfect for enlarging their featured product and placing it on the rear and sides of the trailer design. We were able to use their signature blaze orange tie-down straps in the layout to give a true sense of the kennel being strapped down in the wrap. 

With a logo, contact information, and some additional graphics, the enlarged product can really capture the attention of the millions of eyes looking at the trailer each and every day. It makes the wrap more than just a supplier of contact information - it becomes an oversized attraction with visual appeal. You truly know the Gunner Kennels product after seeing this trailer!

A side view of the Gunner Kennels enclosed trailer. 12-Point SignWorks

The sides and front of the trailer offer more contact information.

Split Personality

Saffire and The Southern catering truck custom wrap. 12-Point SignWorks

What do you do when you have two products or businesses to feature? Advertise both on one vehicle! The owner of The Southern and Saffire did just that for the restaurants' catering van. Depending on how you pass this van on the road, you may never know that it advertises for two different restaurants. There are so many similar ways to have fun with the layout of a custom wrap. Don't be shy...be different!

Both sides of the Saffire and The Southern combination catering truck wrap from 12-Point SignWorks.

If you could only see the side, you would never know there is a completely different restaurant advertised on the other side of this van.

Memorable Replicas

Custom Jurassic Park wrap on a 1993 Ford Explorer. 12-Point SignWorks

I would have to say that Jurassic Park wraps are a pretty common request for us. We get inquiries from all over the world, asking about replicating the movie's signature design. Now we can't just replicate any movie vehicle, but we can create a pretty good WOW factor! If you have an absolute favorite design from a movie or show, let us know. I promise - your vehicle will get noticed! Even if you don't wrap the same make and model (like the Jurassic Park Prius we wrapped in 2012), it will still get the attention you desire.

Reality Wraps 

Custom wrap on a Nissan NV shop van for Nissan of Cool Springs. 12-Point SignWorks

Nothing screams 'WATCH OUT!' like a man dropping boxes out of the back of a Nissan NV van while you're driving behind it. Or maybe a person walking around inside a van as it speeds down the interstate will catch your eye. We've enjoyed our partnership with Nissan of Cool Springs, Nissan North America, and Forklift Systems. These companies have incorporated realistic, high-resolution images of people in action on their fleet vehicles. Genius! 

Custom wrap with a man on the back for Forklift Systems. 12-Point SignWorks

Nissan NV High Roof van with a custom advertising wrap. 12-Point SignWorks

If you are interested in a wrap that will be viewed again and again and again, let us help you with a professional design that adds a touch of creative genius and the element of surprise! If you make somebody look twice, you can guarantee they will remember who you are. Contact us at (615) 595-6564 or click on the link below to get started on your custom advertising wrap today! 

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