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Effective Branding with Custom Trailer Wraps in Middle TN

Posted on November 06, 2015 | Posted by Kris Williamson

How many times have you driven down the interstate and noticed a blank billboard just waiting for an advertisement? If you have a plain trailer for your business, it's pretty much the same thing: missed opportunity. Your trailer offers prime advertising space to get your brand noticed by all of the other drivers on the road. 

We've helped businesses all over Middle Tennessee expand their advertising with custom trailer wraps. The 'custom' part is where all of the fun comes in! We can take anything that represents your business and incorporate it into an aesthetically pleasing and highly effective design that turns your plain trailer into a mobile billboard.

Some of our customers come to us with their design ready to go, and others need assistance to create their custom wraps. Either scenario works for us! For French's Shoes and Boots, they supplied the design for the wrap on their 36' enclosed gooseneck trailer. We took their artwork and digitally printed it on premium vinyl with a high quality overlaminate. The installation took about a day and a half in our shop. Even if you don't live in Middle Tennessee, you could see it out on the road. The trailer travels to vendor shows all over the country, showcasing the products carried by French's. 

The 36' enclosed gooseneck trailer wrapped for French's Shoes & Boots by 12-Point SignWorks in Franklin, TN.

We designed, printed and installed this mouthwatering wrap for Red Cedar Bison's textured fiberglass freezer trailer. Without the company information and high-res photos, nobody knew what was in the plain black trailer. Immediately after they drove it away from our shop, people started taking notice and asking about their products - from their cars! That's mobile advertising at work!

The completed custom wrap on Red Cedar Bison's freezer trailer. 12-Point SignWorks

Talk about a sweet wrap! After they completed their rebranding project, Christie Cookie wanted to add their new look to two semi trailers. (Nobody wants to see a boring, white semi trailer riding down the road!) To fit with their budget, we modified the full coverage design they had and made it a partial coverage wrap. Did you know that their brand advertising colors are inspired by the natural ingredients and kitchen tools that they use to make their delicious cookies?  

The partial advertising wrap for the Christie Cookie Co. 12-Point SignWorks

If you don't know about Permobil, you should. This fantastic company, located here in Middle Tennessee, needed a full coverage advertising wrap for their double level trailer. They already had their design, but we modified the art files to reflect the specifics of the trailer, including the lights, wheel wells, trim and awning. This is another project you could spot anywhere since Permobil uses the trailer to transport wheelchairs to events all over the country.  

A full coverage advertising wrap for the Permobil trailer. 12-Point SignWorks

When the trailer first arrived in our shop, it was completely white!

Sometimes you just need a little something to let people know who you are. That was the case for Austin Bryant Moore's enclosed trailer. Already black, they just wanted something classy so that people could identify the trailer with their business. We used cut vinyl graphics in matte metallic charcoal to customize the trailer with their logo on the sides and back. The decals add just enough...

Logo decals for Austin Bryant Moore's enclosed trailer. 12-Point SignWorks

Our team developed a design concept for GreenWorks Landscape Design in 2014, and we've been incorporating it onto their fleet ever since. For their site trailer, we took logo graphics, brand leaves and a list of their services, and designed them to fit the large space. We used premium printed vinyl for the graphics with a gloss overlaminate. For the list of services, we added cut white vinyl. Whether you are looking at a Ford truck, Smart Car, GMC dump truck or enclosed trailer trailer, you won't miss the bright green of their brand against the black background.  

Custom branding graphics for the GreenWorks site trailer by 12-Point SignWorks. 

From cut vinyl graphics to full coverage wraps, our 12-Point SignWorks team can take your plain, ineffective trailer and turn it into a brand beacon. What are you waiting for? Contact us today at (615) 595-6564 or click on the link below to get started.  

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