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Get Your Walls Ready for the “WOW” of Vinyl Graphics

Posted on September 16, 2022 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

Custom wall graphics and murals showcase a company’s brand with style. It’s something that customers notice as soon as they enter the doors. Adhesive-backed vinyl graphics with high resolution in an almost infinite number of colors create impactful murals to enhance the “WOW” factor in your brand.


Keller Williams Vinyl Graphics These vinyl wall graphics for Keller Williams Realty have that "WOW" factor!


But getting ready for that enhancement involves some preparation to ensure that what you are ordering and installing portrays what you want your customers to see in your brand – namely, attention to detail.

Here’s what you can do to get your walls ready before the 12-Point Team installs your décor.

Clean Those Walls!

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to clean your walls properly. We suggest following 3M’s Enhanced Adhesion Cleaning Method and thoroughly wiping down walls with isopropyl alcohol, removing much of the adhesion-fighting chemical compounds from the paint’s surface. This cleaning method can improve the adhesion of your vinyl graphic display - especially if you are unsure about the type of paint on your walls. (See below for more information about that!)


vinyl wall graphics Thanks to proper wall prep, these vinyl graphics for the Church of the City will last a long time.


Damage Control

While it isn’t uncommon to have furniture scuffs, water damage, cracks, or a random hole, vinyl graphics cannot hide all physical flaws. These high-performance vinyl products are relatively thin; therefore, the marks can be seen through the vinyl even after the graphics are applied. For this reason, we always suggest clients prepare their walls with a Level 5 finish - the highest level of drywall finish regarding smoothness and lack of flaws to help give your vinyl graphics the desired “WOW” it deserves.

Primer & Paint 

After applying the primer and paint, it is recommended to allow the paint to cure before applying the adhesive-backed vinyl graphics. At least two weeks of cure time achieves better quality adhesion results. Be sure to avoid the newer paint formulas advertised as “less stinky” (or low to zero VOC) and more scrubbable for ease of cleanability. These chemical compounds can reject adhesives over time, resulting in your custom graphics potentially peeling away from the wall surface. The separation of the vinyl from the walls can even happen overnight. An adhesion test can take 15-30 minutes and provide valuable information about how the vinyl will adhere to the wall. We highly recommend this - especially if you are unsure what type of paint was used!

A Tip for Mural Installations

If installing a mural for your facility, print the mural in vertical panels with extra bleed material around the edges. However, when you hire 12-Point SignWorks to install your mural, you'll receive extra experience and effort to achieve good results.


vinyl graphics We installed these customer-supplied vinyl graphics for Spring Hill's Keller Williams Realty.


Although it takes some preparation and work to create murals and spot graphics, the ending results are worth it! Give your business that extra “WOW” factor and enhance your customers’ experience. Get in touch with 12-Point today!

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