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How big is the rainbow of standard acrylic colors for custom signage?

Posted on June 18, 2015 | Posted by Kris Williamson

Short answer: BIG! It's actually bigger than it looks. We use acrylic materials in custom signage all of the time. Although the selection of standard colors available may not look very impressive, you would be surprised by how often the colors really do work.

A grouping of our standard acrylic colors at 12-Point SignWorks in Franklin, TN.

When glancing at the selection of colors above, you may think, "I don't see my shade or tint or tone." Not to worry! Although some companies stick to classic black for their branding, others select vibrant and (at times) unique color combinations to advertise who they are. This is where the standard acrylic colors become so flexible. With the help of indoor/outdoor lighting and sheen, the standard colors actually blend with many Pantone Matching System (PMS), CMYK or RGB color designations. Let me show you some examples of how this works.

A comparison of PMS colors and our acrylic sample 'J'. 12-Point SignWorks

Our sample set of acrylic colors is identified by letters in the alphabet. As you can see in the photo above, acrylic color 'J' could be used for a number of different PMS numbers. Some shown include 171C, 172C and 1505C. So versatile!

A comparison of PMS colors and our acrylic sample 'K'. 12-Point SignWorks

Color 'K' adds a little more red and could easily be used for PMS colors 485C, 1788C or 1795C.

A comparison of PMS colors and our acrylic sample 'V'. 12-Point SignWorks

PMS colors 3308C and 627C blend nicely with our acrylic 'V'. The colors adapt so well because of office lighting, sheen and other environmental factors. Plus, most people observe the custom signage from a distance. It's like seeing if your shoes match your shirt - you shouldn't hold them directly next to each other!

A comparison of SW6967 and our standard acrylic color 'R'. 12-Point SignWorks

The photo above gives a slightly different comparison. A customer wanted us to match the Sherwin-Williams SW6967 Frank Blue paint color of his logo with one of our standard acrylic colors. Acrylic 'R' did the job! As you can see in the photo, the matte color of the paint sample doesn't have the sheen of the acrylic sample; however, it will look fantastic on an interior dimensional sign on the wall! 

The rainbow of standard acrylic colors really is a lot bigger than it looks. The easiest (and most cost effective) way to create custom acrylic signage is by using one of or a combination of the standard colors. These colors are readily available in acrylic sheets that can be laser or router cut into various letters and shapes. When used in custom signage, the acrylic pieces add dimension and color to really make a company name, logo or tag line stand out. 

Brushed metal acrylic letters on a frosted acrylic backer. 12-Point SignWorks

Not into the rainbow colors? We also have brushed metal options in our standard acrylic colors that give a very classy and polished look. The letters above are mounted on a frosted clear acrylic backer. Lovely!

There are times when the standard acrylic colors just don't work. Not to fear! There are other ways that we can create the perfect color to add to custom acrylic signage. The options to get that perfect match include:

  • Cut vinyl. On the rare occasion that a standard acrylic color won't work, there may be a vinyl color that will. Applying cut vinyl to the second surface (or back side) of clear acrylic maintains the shiny face of the acrylic while creating the perfect color desired.
  • Digital print. There are times when a digital print is needed to match the colors or pattern in a logo or design file. 
  • Custom paint. When brand color specifications require something that standard colors can't match, custom paint is always an option.
Custom interior dimensional sign for TWF in Nashville. 12-Point SignWorks

The clear acrylic pieces were hand painted with the signature TWF copper and tan logo colors to create the perfect match for this custom dimensional interior sign. 

Acrylics are just one of the many material options that we use when creating custom signage. There are so many advantages to using acrylic materials; however, we work with each individual client to find the material option that best fits their needs. If you think acrylic (or any other material) would work for your signage needs, contact us for a free consultation. 

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