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How Branded Environments Can Inspire and Inform

Posted on November 02, 2017 | Posted by Angie Giblin

Here’s an idea! Imagine you don’t work for your current company. You’re just a job seeker or a potential customer who is looking for a new product or service. Now walk through your company’s front door, and immerse yourself in your surroundings. How do you feel? Are you excited to learn more? Do you feel inspired? If you’re struggling to answer yes to those questions.....maybe it’s time to rethink your work space!

What is Environmental Branding?

One of the most effective ways to make a lasting impression on your customers, as well as your employees, is to implement a branded environment in your workspace. Imagine transforming your office space, restaurant, or store into a fully immersive experience for everyone who stops by. Every space within your walls can be transformed: rooms, open areas, hallways, elevators, stairways, columns, doors, and even the floors!

A well-designed, branded environment can help your company accomplish the following:

  1. Strengthen brand awareness among employees and customers
  2. Provide an attractive and inviting environment that promotes happiness and creativity
  3. Clearly promote your company’s mission, vision and values
  4. Tell your company’s history
  5. Increase your company’s value in the eyes of your customers (and even your employees!)
  6. Differentiate your company from your competitors
  7. Attract & retain top talent

What Types of Design Elements Can Be Used?

Are you starting to think environmental branding might be a good solution for your business? Great! Now let’s think about all the surfaces in your workspace. Virtually any surface can be transformed! Just to get your creative juices flowing...here are a few elements we can incorporate into your branded environment:

  1. Wall murals
  2. Wayfinding (directional) signs
  3. Column wraps
  4. Elevator graphics
  5. Floor signs
  6. Window & glass door graphics
  7. Privacy glass/room partitions
  8. Textured surface signs
  9. Custom ceiling tiles
  10. Standup displays
  11. And more!

Show Me Some Examples!

Let’s take a look at how some truly innovative companies have used effective environmental branding to inspire and inform. We’ll start with one of our own projects!

Bisha Hotel Toronto (Loews Hotels):

The Bisha Hotel Toronto did an excellent job of livening up employee workspaces! 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

We worked with Loews Hotels at the Bisha Hotel Toronto to create a beautiful, Toronto-themed 'back of the house' branded environment for hotel employees!

We recently worked with Bisha Hotel Toronto (part of the Loews Hotels group) to liven up the walls in the ‘back of the house’ - which includes the employee hallways, break rooms, and workspaces. The completed project consisted of digitally printed graphics installed on a combination of surfaces, including drywall, doors, glass and textured surfaces. The end result is a much more pleasing area for hotel employees to work and gather. We’ve completed similar installations for Loews Hotels all around the US and in Canada. More information about our most recent installations coming soon!

Now, here are some branded environments that are NOT 12-Point projects…..just really great examples!

Coca-Cola Offices in Belgrade (by Designer Peter Gregson)

Coca-Cola used their logo, bold colors and fonts to inspire their employees in Belgrade. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

We love how Designer Peter Gregson transformed this workspace for Coca-Cola employees in Belgrade. Such a fun, bold example of effective environmental branding! 

Peter Gregson transformed this traditional space for the Coca-Cola Co. offices in Belgrade. Coca-Cola’s branding and mission are clearly displayed throughout all work spaces! And in a really fun way!

Australian Institute of Management NSW and ACT Office Space in Australia (by e2)

e2 created a great example of environmental branding in an educational setting. 12-Point SignWorks -Franklin, TN

Doesn't this space seem like a great place to learn and study? e2 designed it that way for the Australian Institute of Management NSW and ACT.

e2 developed a unique and resourceful learning environment for the Australian Institute of Management NSW and ACT. The newly designed space needed to be stimulating and inviting for members, students, staff and guests. We like the use of the large wall murals and signage throughout which really pulls the space together.

Bing Office Space (by Green Rubino)

Bing created a vibrant workspace which models a Bing search page! 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

Bing worked with Green Rubino to create this series of cool murals designed to look like a Bing search page. We love the vibrant colors and great photography!

Green Rubino created an exciting space for Microsoft and Bing. The creative inspiration came from Bing’s homepage with its awe-inspiring imagery. The result was large murals and signage that feature motivational keywords, jaw-dropping visuals and branded elements that all tie back to an end user’s experience with Bing.

Nike’s London offices (by Creative Agency Rosie Lee)

Nike's offices in London show how the company's products influence their work setting! 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

Rosie Lee used inspiration from Nike athletic products to create an inviting, energetic office space for Nike employees in London!

Creative agency Rosie Lee redesigned Nike’s London offices using a variety of custom graphics and themes. The lively, attractive workspace generated excitement and appreciation among staff.

As you can see, there are so many imaginative ways you can transform your company or organization’s work environment. We have the design skills, craftsmanship, and talented installers to help you create a truly unique and inspirational space! For more information or to get your project started today, contact us at (615) 595-6564 or click on the link below.

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Look for more informative blog posts and Project of the Week articles about branded environments coming soon!

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