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Improving Property Value Through Community Signage

Posted on September 28, 2021 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

community signage

The custom birch wood signs we fabricated back in 2018 for The Jones Company were just as beautiful as they were identifiable for the home building company's up-and-coming development neighborhoods. A classy example of community signage.


Over the past few years, mortgage rates have been at record lows, having more and more people consider buying property – either for a home or business. However, experts are saying that there is a possibility this good fortune could be coming to an abrupt end with a possible housing market crash late this year or next. Although that sounds devastating, it could still be an excellent time to sell your property if that was what you had in mind. For that to happen, you need to make your property look desirable. And if you want the best price you can get, you need to work on that property value. One of the best ways to increase your property value is by smartly using community signage.

Or maybe you’re a city leader thinking about making your community look better to attract more businesses or homebuilders and buyers. You could clean up the roads, patch the sidewalks, and even plant new shrubbery around the village, but none of that will do any good unless you can get people to come in. And if people are coming to the neighborhood for the first time, they are probably looking up! What will they see? Is it a mish-mash of road and safety signs or a unified, more distinguished conglomeration of signage throughout the community? Seeing the latter may make your visiting prospective homebuyer feel more comforted and welcome and more likely to buy the property they see.


When people talk about surrounding neighborhoods, there is usually an adjective attached to it. As in, “you know, that nice neighborhood on the other side of town.” Though, just as often, people might address it as “that run-down neighborhood down the road.” When you are trying to sell your home, which adjective fits your area could make a big difference in the amount someone is willing to pay to live there. Using community signage could point the way to the “ritzy, classy,” or even “rich” neighborhood where everyone wants to live.

The Jones Company was able to cohesively tie together several of their new construction neighborhoods with the custom wood signs we fabricated out of birch wood. Their marketing director provided the artwork, and we created unique custom signage for each of the different upscale neighborhoods that boast beautifully appointed manor homes. Although we completed this project back in 2018, the classic simplicity of these custom birch wood signs will remain a timeless addition for years to come.


custom community signage

We fabricated one of several custom birch wood signs for home builders, The Jones Company, and their developing neighborhoods.



It’s just a fact of life; people like to look at beautiful things. Signage that catches the eye can save lives. Attractive signs will be easy for drivers to notice, reducing the time spent trying to find their way around. When drivers are comfortable, there is less of a chance of having an accident. And fewer accidents in the area also keeps property values high!

Community Pride

Be that neighborhood. You know the one – all the neighbors are on the same page. They all want to be known for looking good. Signage may be the first step to better-looking lawns, well-kept exteriors, and cleaner everything! Even if they got their home for a bargain, it could still look like they paid for exclusivity.

When communities take pride in their appearance, it brings it more business. To keep up with the trends, the local companies have to update their own business signage. It’s a beautiful thing when we’re able to put on a modern twist on an old sign like we did with the architectural display for Dover Centre at Cool Springs.


updated community signage

We used dimensional aluminum lettering on the new architectural displays for Dover Centre at Cool Springs.


If you think your business could benefit from updated architectural signage or new custom logo signs, thus doing your part to help raise the property value of the surrounding neighborhoods, just give us a call

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