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Laser Cut Signs: Creating Dimension with Acrylic, Wood & Rowmark

Posted on January 17, 2019 | Posted by Kris Williamson

Our laser cutter is one of the most popular machines in our shop. We use it to fabricate striking, custom dimensional signage that really stands out! Here’s a look at the materials we commonly laser cut or etch and some examples of laser cut signs we’ve recently fabricated.

Cutting Letters from Acrylic Using our Laser Cutter at 12-Point SignWorks in Franklin, TN. This photo shows our laser cutter in action, cutting letters from 1/2" thick acrylic. Pretty cool!

Nothing creates “WOW” in a custom sign quite like dimension. To create dimensional signs (also called 3D signage or three-dimensional signs), we use our CO2 laser cutter to cut, etch and engrave designs into materials like acrylic, wood and Rowmark. The “dimensional” aspect is caused by layering cut materials or etching or engraving material to make aspects of the signs POP.

Setting up the Laser Cutter at 12-Point SignWorks in Franklin, TN. We can cut sheets of material as large as 35.75" x 23.75". 

Design templates can be found online or our designers can create custom vector templates based on the preferred graphic. Example sign elements we cut include individual letters, shapes, stencils, as well as backlit and edge-lit graphics. Here are the materials we most commonly cut in this cool machine!


Dimensional Acrylic Signs by 12-Point SignWorks in Franklin, TN. Check out the precise cuts on these beautiful, dimensional acrylic letters!

Acrylic is durable, lightweight and easy to cut with precision and detail. It can also be engraved, polished and bevel-edged. LED backlighting can be added for more dimension. To learn how we create unique colors in acrylic signage, read our blog article: 4 Options for Creating the Perfect Colors in Acrylic Signage.


Custom wood sign for The Jones Company by 12-Point SignWorks in Franklin, TN. We cut the letters and brandmark from ¼” thick blond birch to create this beautiful custom sign for The Jones Company.

We laser cut thin woods like plywood and veneers. Popular choices are birch, cedar and redwood, but signs can be created from almost any type of wood. The laser cutter slightly chars the wood, giving it a darkened edge which many of our clients really like.


Custom Signs by 12-Point SignWorks in Franklin, TN. Rowmark is a lightweight and less expensive alternative to metals, but looks just as nice! 

We commonly use Rowmark products that resemble metals. Dimensional signs created with Rowmark provide a more sophisticated look. The photos above show beautiful examples of custom signs containing laser cut Rowmark letters.

As you can see, laser cut signs can be fabricated using a variety of materials. Want to learn more about dimensional signage? Read this article: Accentuate Your Brand with Custom Dimensional Signage.

If you have an idea for a new custom sign for your business, give us a call at (615) 595-6564, click on the button below, or come visit our shop anytime Monday thru Friday, 8-5. We would be happy to give you a free consultation and estimate for your custom signs!

In addition to custom signs, we also specialize in vehicle wraps, environmental branding, wall murals, window graphics, architectural displays, and custom projects. We’re located in Franklin, TN, however, we provide services to all of Middle Tennessee, including Nashville, Brentwood, Murfreesboro, Hendersonville, and Lebanon. Our products can be shipped just about anywhere in the United States or Canada. We look forward to hearing from you!

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