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Musical Vinyl Wraps Worthy of Their Own GRAMMY Awards

Posted on February 12, 2016 | Posted by Kris Williamson

With the 58th Annual GRAMMY Awards airing in just a few days, it seems fitting to feature how vinyl material can completely transform a musical instrument into something fresh, new, and even trendsetting. We are proud to say that we've wrapped a few musical instruments in our day, and some have even made it onto the big screen. Whether the instrument will sit in a piano room of a home or be on display for a broadcast of the National Anthem, vinyl wraps make the instrument something unique and special. 

We've worked with customers in the music industry, the hotel industry, and some just wanting to change the look of their personal pieces. Musical instruments, including pianos, require a detailed and patient approach to ensure that the wrap conforms to every edge, groove, and curve. Obviously, some instruments have more curves than others. These require even more patience and care when installing the vinyl. 

We receive the most requests for piano wraps. Although some come from hotels and other industries who find us on the internet or by word-of-mouth, we also have collaborated with Seale Keyworks and Yamaha Entertainment Group on some pretty fantastic projects. 

You may remember the flood of 2010 that caused much destruction, devastation, and heartache in Nashville and surrounding cities here in Middle Tennessee. One location that suffered severe damage was Gaylord Opryland Hotel. Luckily, the hotel and surrounding buildings (including our Grand Ole Opry) survived the months (and even years for Opry Mills) of repair and opened again to the delight of our city. We had the pleasure of wrapping the hotel's black baby grand into a brilliant white piano for the grand re-opening celebration.

The transformation of Opryland Hotel's baby grand piano from black to white. 12-Point SignWorks

The transformation taking place! We used removable wrap vinyl so that the material could easily be removed once the festivities were over in a few days.

Our next piano wrap had a slightly larger stage - as in the center of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans for Super Bowl XLVII. Alicia Keys played the piano while singing the National Anthem at the beginning of the game that year. For this project, we worked with our friends at Yamaha Entertainment Group and Seale Keyworks. Yamaha orchestrated the steps to get the piano ready for the event, and Seale Keyworks prepped the piano, shipped it, and set it up for the big game. Our job was to transform the piano from black to a gorgeous matte metal finish. 

The collection of photos showing the transformation of the Yamaha piano from black to matte metal silver. 12-Point SignWorks

From start to finish! We installed metallic matte silver vinyl to the individual components of the piano. The bottom left photo shows the piano during the National Anthem by Alicia Keys in Super Bowl XLVII.
(Super Bowl XLVII Photo Credit: Getty Photo)

A close up of the gorgeous wrap on the Yamaha piano used by Alicia Keys in Super Bowl XLVII. 12-Point SignWorks

 The piano looked as if it was made of aluminum!

Piano wraps don't have to be solid in color. We also can digitally print graphics on premium vinyl material to add even more customization. We worked with our friends at Seale Keyworks in Franklin to do just that for a country music artist on tour a few years ago. This piano was transformed into a "steampunk" piano with a distressed metal look, oversized moving gears, pipe rails, and lighting. 

A digitally printed wrap for a piano on tour. 12-Point SignWorks

We digitally printed and installed the wrap for this custom "steampunk" baby grand piano.

Another project involved not one but two instruments! We were asked to wrap the piano and bass used in Kelly Clarkson's Christmas special, Kelly Clarkson's Cautionary Christmas Music Tale. With an album called Wrapped in Red already out, her instruments for the show needed to be wrapped in red as well! We used 3M 1080 vinyl in gloss "Hot Rod Red" to create the perfect look for both instruments.

The wrapped bass for Kelly Clarkson's Christmas special. 12-Point SignWorks


We had to take the bass apart to wrap its unique shape and curves. With the help of some heat, a squeegee, and knifeless tape, we were able to get the vinyl into all of the ridges of the instrument. Our resident musician, Chuck, reassembled it and made sure it was ready to go!

The wrapped piano for Kelly Clarkson's Christmas special. 12-Point SignWorks 

This piano was a piece of cake compared to the bass! We also wrapped the stool that went with it.

Photo of the red piano during the Kelly Clarkson Christmas special - courtesy of Done+Dusted. 12-Point SignWorks

We love to see the instruments in action! Here is a shot from the Christmas special, showing the piano (and stool). The bright Christmas red really stands out on the stage! (Photo Credit: Done+Dusted)


Our wrapping abilities are not limited to just piano and bass instruments. If you play it, we can probably wrap it! Contact us today at (615) 595-6564 to get started on your unique project, or you can click on the link below. Don't forget the bus or trailer you use - we can wrap those too!

Do you have something unique that needs a wrap? Contact us today to get started!

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