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Popular Signage Keywords for your Online Search

Posted on August 16, 2018 | Posted by Kris Williamson

Do you have a vision for the type of signage you need, but just don’t know how to find it online? With the large number of options available, it’s often difficult to know the correct name for every sign. We’ve compiled a list of some popular sign names (and descriptions) to help you with your next online search.

ADA Signage - The ADA addresses the needs of physically impaired citizens. The two sections that cover signage include Title II (government and public-sector activities) and Title III (private sector.) You can learn more about the rules for ADA compliant signage on the ADA website.

Advertising Wrap (also called a vehicle wrap) - An advertising wrap is a large digitally printed vinyl graphic that is applied directly to the surface of a vehicle’s painted surfaces. The vinyl is more cost efficient than a custom paint job and can also be removed (with proper care and within the recommended amount of time) to return the vehicle back to its original condition without damaging the painted surfaces.

[caption id="attachment_4436" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Advertising wraps. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN Advertising wraps are one of the most cost-effective and eye-catching forms of advertising signage available![/caption]

A-frame signs (also called sandwich boards) - A movable sign not secured or attached to the ground or surface upon which it is located, but supported by its own frame and most often forming the cross-sectional shape of an “A.” These signs are often displayed temporarily in front of restaurants and shops to bring foot traffic into a business or as wayfinding signage in large buildings such as churches, office buildings or malls.

Approach signs (also called an advance notice sign) - A sign indicating the approach of a specific destination such as a highway, street intersection, or building entrance.

Architectural displays - These are created using hardware elements, such as stainless steel rods, truss assemblies, standoffs, tensioned cables, and acrylic panels or pockets (for images and documents). We enjoy designing and fabricating these one-of-a-kind art displays!

Banner - A sign usually made of fabric, vinyl, or other non-rigid material with no enclosing framework. The material may be painted, screen printed, digitally printed, or decorated with vinyl.

Bench sign - A sign installed on a bench that is placed near the public right of way, such as at a bus stop.

Branded environment - (also called a branded interior) A branded environment is designed to instill a company’s brand, logo, mission, and products in the minds of customers and employees. To create a branded interior, a variety of branded elements can be used on interior and exterior walls and surfaces, including custom signage, wall murals, window graphics, floor graphics, elevator and column graphics, architectural displays, and more. We’ve had the pleasure of fabricating branded environments for many clients, including Accella Performance Materials, Lifeway Christian Resources, and the Nashville Downtown Partnership.

Column wrap - A vinyl graphic sign or image that is applied to a round or square column. Typically column wraps can be permanently or temporarily applied. We periodically install temporary column wraps on columns at the Nashville International Airport!

Dimensional signs (also called 3D signage or three-dimensional signs) - The “dimensional” aspect is created by the layering of materials (such as lettering) to make aspects of the sign really stand out.

Dimensional signage. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN  Check out the beautiful shine and depth in this brushed metal dimensional sign!

Directional signs (also known as wayfinding signage) - Directional signs are a collection of signage and graphics that provide visitors clear instructions for navigating a large building or campus. This term is also used for roadway signs which give information about a driver’s location or possible destinations.

Directory signs - Directory signs are on-premise signs that identify the names and locations of tenants in a multi-tenant building or group of buildings. These are commonly used in doctors’ offices, shared office buildings, malls, city buildings, and school campuses.

Elevator wrap - An elevator wrap is a vinyl graphic sign or image that is applied to the outside or inside surfaces of an elevator. Typically elevator wraps can be permanently or temporarily applied.

Etched glass vinyl (also called etched vinyl or frosted glass vinyl) - Etched glass vinyl gives the appearance of etched glass. It allows light to pass through while also providing privacy, which makes it an ideal solution for glass doors & windows, conference rooms, and storage areas. Etched glass vinyl can also be digitally contour cut to create unique patterns, designs and intricate lettering.

Etched glass vinyl. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN Do you have glass windows in your work space? Etched glass vinyl is an excellent choice to showcase your branding in an elegant way! 

Fascia sign - A sign that is mounted to the exterior of a building.

Floor graphics - Temporary vinyl signage that is applied to a floor’s surface using adhesive.

Menu board - A point-of-purchase advertising display that lists products and prices.

Mesh banner - An extremely lightweight, durable mesh polyester banner material. Great for large exterior wall murals where weight and/or wind would become a problem when using other substrates.

Monument signs - A free-standing sign sitting directly on the ground or mounted on a low base.

Plaques - An ornamental tablet, typically of metal, porcelain, or wood, that is fixed to a wall or other surface.

Point of purchase signs - Signage posted at the location of goods and services offered for sale, advertising items or special sales.

Pole sign - A freestanding sign with visible support structure.

Post and panel sign - A sign panel with one or more posts.

Pylon sign - Any free-standing sign that is not a pole or ground sign.

Regulatory signs - Signs installed by various government bodies to acquaint the public with traffic laws and other regulations.

Silicone edge graphics (also called SEGs) - These are high-resolution, dye-sublimated graphics printed on tensioned fabric. The edge of the graphic is sewn to a silicone strip and inserted into an aluminum framing system with a recessed groove. The image is pulled tight within the frame to create a professional presentation. These lightweight displays are often used to display products in retails stores and restaurants.

Silicone edge graphics. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN Many retailers use silicone edge graphics, because they're lightweight, easily interchangeable, and also an elegant way to display products and branding.

Tactile Sign - A sign, or area within a larger sign, that conveys its message through raised or engraved art, making it accessible to the visually impaired.

Temporary sign - Any sign that is not intended to be permanently installed, such as banners and construction site signs. Often, local and area sign codes seek to limit the length of time that a temporary sign can be in place. (Always check with your local codes before starting a project!)

Tensioned banners - Tensioned banner frame systems are designed to display digitally printed graphics on banner material within an aluminum extrusion frame. The banner is pulled tight within the frame to create a professional presentation.

Traffic signs - A sign conveying information, an instruction, or a warning to drivers.

Vehicle wraps (or advertising wraps) - An vehicle wrap is a large digitally printed vinyl graphic that is applied directly to the surface of a vehicle’s painted surfaces. The vinyl is more cost efficient than a custom paint job and can also be removed (with proper care and within the recommended amount of time) to return the vehicle back to its original condition without damaging the painted surfaces.

Wall murals - Wall murals are high resolution graphics printed on vinyl using a wide format printer. They’re typically installed in large, open spaces such as on high walls, above stairwells, or in hallways. They can be permanently or temporarily applied for special events.

Wall mural for Deloitte in Nashville. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN Want to make a bold statement in your workspace? Wall murals are the way to go! Check out this vibrant wall mural we installed for Deloitte in Nashville.

Window graphics - Window graphics are advertising products created for use on a glass surface. These are typically made from vinyl and applied with an adhesive.

Window sign - A sign that is mounted on a window’s surface for display.

Yard signs (also called lawn signs) - Yard signs are small temporary signs that can be placed on street-facing lawns. They are typically printed on both sides and are often used by political candidates during elections, to congratulate high school seniors just before graduation, to support businesses, etc.

Interested in custom signs for your business or organization? We can help with all of your signage needs! Just let us know what you're looking for, and we'll be happy to send you example photos! We’re located in Franklin, TN, but serve all of Middle Tennessee, including Nashville, Brentwood, Hendersonville, Murfreesboro, Mt. Juliet, Lebanon, Spring Hill and Columbia.

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