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Selecting the Right Signage for Your Small Business

Posted on January 11, 2022 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

Some companies need a gigantic billboard outside their office to announce the earth-stopping, can't miss products or services offered there. Other companies require more muted but stately signage to highlight the professionalism of their hallmark. Yet still, other companies must use something utterly unique in signage because of their own uniqueness. Selecting the right signage for a business depends entirely on the type of business using it and must align with the identity of that company's brand. How can a business owner determine what kind of sign will work to flow in harmony with that brand's image? Luckily, 12-Point SignWorks has been expertly solving this puzzle for many years. Here are a few things to keep in mind as they work with you to determine your needs.


Selecting the right signage Business signage doesn't have to be boring. Full window graphics with a brand statement like this Ascend Federal Credit Union in Murfreesboro, TN grab your attention, even from a distance.


Brand Communication

What is the image you are trying to promote for your brand? Since outdoor signs are some of the first encounters customers (or potential customers) have with a brand, those signs need to communicate what you want them to know about your company right off the bat.

Do you want your audience to think of your company as a rock-solid stalwart on which they can rely? Consider a granite architectural sign. Perhaps you run a party supply company and want to be known for fun or whimsicality. A colorful sign designed in a curvy font could send that message.

Types of Signs

Once you know the image you want to convey, it's time to consider where this message needs to be broadcast. A sizeable outdoor architectural sign right outside your building would be great for interstate businesses hoping to attract traveling customers. Indoor signage will continue to give that message in the same vein while connecting your logo or company name with that theme. A lobby sign will also reassure customers they are in the right place.


Selecting the right signage A colorful and welcoming lobby sign helps reassure customers that they are in the right place.


Sign Placement

Your small business might be too small for an architectural or monument sign, but that doesn't mean there aren't other places to communicate who you are. Small business owners are known for thinking outside of the box. Your sign could be on the car you park in front of your home office. A vehicle wrap offers that kind of mobile announcement. Is your office in a strip mall? A custom fabricated sign above your door or vinyl lettering on an awning lets customers know they are in the right spot. Possibilities for sign placement are only limited to your imagination.


selecting the right signage This custom multi-media sign we fabricated for the Franklin, TN medical spa, ReWind helps their customers find them amongst the other businesses along the same street.


As you work with 12-Point SignWorks to choose the signage for your small business, enjoy the experience! With the background and expertise 12-Point has, your company will get the beautiful signage that most appropriately displays your brand's image.


Selecting the right signage If you can't decide whether to go with indoor or outdoor signage, here's your "sign" to go with both!


It’s ok if you're unsure which direction to go when selecting the right signage. We can help you create the perfect custom sign design for your business no matter what your vision or budget may be. Contact us today to set up your consultation!

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