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Stand Out with a Dimensional Display

Posted on October 19, 2021 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks


dimensional display

We fabricated this gorgeous copper dimensional display for Monarch Advisory Group out of two layers: a 1/4″ thick brushed "bright" copper layer on top of a 1/4″ thick oxidized layer. The creative design allows the oxidized layer to show through the cutouts in the butterfly wing and the right half of the 'M' in the Monarch logo.


To get anyone's attention in today's fast-paced, digital world, you need something that will stop them in their tracks. Some people need a little nudge to get them to notice the world around them. And while we can't exactly grab their physical face and turn it, we can do all we can to not blend into the background. Using dimensional displays is one of the best ways to stand out and prevent that from happening.

Help Customers Visualize Information

Data collected by marketing groups has shown that using three-dimensional (3D) effects helps us better perceive a message's clarity, vibrancy, and realism. Since people are constantly bombarded with 2-dimensional information, much is ignored as they continue scrolling on without a second glance. But, when a message comes along that offers more information, people need to spend more time collecting that information to process it. Thus, your 3D message has just been in their view that much longer.

Take a look at a few of the custom dimensional projects we've done., See if they make you want to get a little closer. We like to implement creative finishes on traditional mediums like wood and metal to draw the eye and peak interest. Vibrant colors or custom acrylic dimensional signs backlit with LED lights are always guaranteed to grab attention.


dimensional display

These are great examples of dimensional acrylic signage that we've created here at 12-Point SignWorks. Each sign is created using a slightly different technique.


Get Customers to Reach Out and Touch Someone

It used to be the telephone that connected people (like the slogan referenced above). These days, a phone call is easily tuned out because our visual focus is often elsewhere. But there's something about a multi-dimensional structure that you can't ignore. Something in our subconscious pleads us to reach forward and touch the surface to make sure it's real. Your 3D signage is the same way. Whether it's a sign protruding from the wall above the receptionist's head, or a graphic pillar guiding the way through your store, if it isn't flat, our eyes want to question it.

Now that you have the customer's attention, they will read what the structure says. You can see this with the hospitality wall we fabricated with the architectural group, NewGround, for Lamar National Bank's new location in Celina, TX. Getting people to use another sense, beyond seeing, can also bring more of an experience to the customer. Your 3D signage can draw them in.


dimensional display

The dimensional graphics we included in the hospitality wall for Lamar National Bank's new location in Celina, TX added a bold and strong appeal to the bank's experiential branding.


Come to Life

Our world is not 2-dimensional! Invite the world to join you among the 3Dimensional people. Bold signage reminds your customers that you and your company are people just like they are. It shows what you do, like the custom multi-dimensional signs we designed and fabricated for M&W Logistics Group. Trust goes a long way when you can see and talk to the people you are working with.


dimensional display

This custom multi-dimensional sign we designed and fabricated for M&W Logistics Group really adds a pop of color to the company's trucker recruiting reception area.


Suppose you are a Tennessee company looking for such a powerful statement to pull in customers. Where can you go to find what you need? 12-Point SignWorks is a Franklin-based company that values high quality and integrity. If you want your signage done right – and with a company that will put you and your needs first – this is your go-to custom sign provider. Call today or fill out the form on our Contact Us page to see what we can do for you.

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