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Top 5 Outdoor Signage Options For The Summer Season

Posted on April 22, 2021 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

Summer is right around the corner, and we know you can't wait to attract customers to your retail facility or restaurant with "fun in the sun" decor! To help ease your thinking process about which custom outdoor signs would look best to display your hot sales and events, here's a list of our Top 5 outdoor signage options that are that's perfect for the summer season! 


Custom Food Truck Wrap for Retro Sno in Nashville, TN/ 12-PointSignWorks Recently, we installed this summer-ready food truck wrap for our friends at Nashville’s Original Shaved Ice Company Retro Sno. Keep reading below to see how vehicle advertising can help you shine under the sun.


Are you planning an outdoor event and in need of eye-catching signs that people can see from the road? Well, custom banners and flags are the perfect outdoor signage options for you! They are weather resistant and durable for any occasion like sporting events, concerts, or a gathering at your favorite outdoor space. They are also cost-efficient and easy to travel with and install.

Our skilled 12-Point team can customize the flexible and lightweight vinyl material into various shapes, sizes, and designs of your liking. Check out our past article, “Considerations for Custom Banner Signs,” to see how our customers have used mesh banners to advertise their brands, events, and sponsors. Hopefully, they will offer you some inspiration!


Custom Banners/ Outdoor Signage for Chukkers for Charity event (sponsored by Nissan)/ 12-Point SignWorks We can fabricate a wide variety of outdoor banners and flags. Our annual projects with the Chukkers for Charity event (sponsored by Nissan) are a great example of the many ways you can use these types of products.


If your retail space or restaurant is in a busy area with heavy foot traffic, then A-frames are the best choice for you! These portable, ground-level signs are hard to miss— especially if the graphics are bold, colorful, or uniquely designed. 


A-Frames for Williamson County Solid Waste Department/ Outdoor Signage/ 12-Point SignWorks They also fold easily and, if stored properly, will last for many years of advertising.

When we suggest an A-frame or "sandwich" sign to our clients, they're thrilled to discover its' versatility. For example, you can choose to have a double-sided or single-sided A-frame with custom vinyl graphics or corrugated plastic inserts that display store information or highlight new products/sales. Whether or not you choose one design possibility over the other, our 12-Point team is here to guide you through the entire creative process. 


Yard signs are best suited for business owners or event organizers looking for temporary signs to place in front of their store or in a specific zoning or event area to advertise updates about their brand or promotions like seasonal deals, general information or directions, and more.

Designed by applying (or printing) custom graphics on one or both sides of the durable corrugated plastic, yard signs are cost-efficient marketing tools that get your point across to attract your targeted audience. 


Social Distancing Yard Sign/ Outdoor Signage/ 12-Point SIgnWorks Yard signs are also a great way to remind customers of any mandatory COVID regulations and rules you still have in place for your business.


As locals in a city filled with beautiful wall murals on the side of restaurants, historic buildings, and venues, we constantly see the positive effects a wall mural can have in a location. People travel from across the country to see and experience awe-inspiring art, especially during the summer months. 


Deloitte wall mural A giant mural is a great way to show off your branding while also providing a backdrop for customers' Instagram shots.

But how does that relate to the growth and enhancement of your business? Well, not all wall murals are hand-painted masterpieces. Our company can uniquely design wall murals using sign vinyl for textured wall surfaces or large format printed graphics to showcase your brand, event, or company values. 

Based on feedback from clients and inquiries from those who saw our past wall mural projects, we know that wall murals are a great investment for businesses needing to spice up their exterior (and interior) and attract new customers. 


Vibrant Wall Mural for Tennessee Performing Arts Center/ Outdoor Signage/ 12-Point SignWorks Last year, we printed and installed this vibrant wall mural for the Tennessee Performing Arts Center.


Saved the best for last!  Custom vehicle graphics (including decals and magnets) are a mobile-friendly marketing option to get your brand and summer promotions noticed in your community. Our team of vehicle advertising experts can customize these graphics into any shape, size, or color pattern of your choice. 

Check out our blog article "Mobile Advertising: The Options You Didn’t Know You Had" for more information on how eye-catching vehicle graphics can help you boost customer traffic this summer.


Custom Trailer Stickers for Squishy Clean Mobile Detailing in Nashville/ 12-Point SignWorks We love the vehicle magnets we fabricated for Squishy Clean Mobile Detailing in Nashville. Our client can place or remove them whenever he needs to on his personal or commercial vehicles.

Whether you decide to stand out from the crowd with temporary banner products, yard signs, a branded wall mural, or custom vehicle graphics, we hope our Top 5 outdoor signage options spark inspiration for your next summer project. 

Although we have only listed five outdoor signage options, SURPRISE there's more! Contact our 12-Point team at 615-595-6564 or click the link below to learn about our wide range of experiential branding services. We are eager to show you how we can help you enhance your work environment— indoor and outdoor!

Although we are based in Franklin, TN, we serve all of Middle Tennessee and beyond— including Nashville, Brentwood, Hendersonville, Murfreesboro, Lebanon, Smyrna, and Spring Hill. 

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