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Where Experiential Graphics Can Make the Biggest Impact

Posted on September 22, 2021 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

icee experiential graphic

We used the recognition of the ICEE cup and bold colors in the experiential graphics throughout the social hub of their headquarters in LaVergne, TN.


If you're a trend watcher when it comes to graphic design, then you are no doubt familiar with the fact that experiential graphics are hot right now. Experiential graphics are what make signage come to life. They are a way of communicating beyond the words you use, a way of saying more with less.

How is that beneficial in the signs and displays you use? Consider that, according to a Microsoft study, the average person will spend at most eight seconds taking in information from a marketing source. What can we say? People want to be entertained, and if what they're reading doesn't make them crave more, they'll move on quickly. Sometimes we will give up reading a headline if it is longer than six words! (If you're still reading this article, bravo! You are truly dedicated.) Because of this short attention span, marketers need to pack more into the words they use to connect their audience and their message. Where can you see this technique being most useful?

Trade Shows

You'll find a lot of commotion at your industry events. Try to fit in, and they'll forget you. So, the key is to stand out. How do you do that when everyone else is trying to do the same thing? Keep it simple (in terms of wordage, anyway). Say more with less. Say it in a presentation that indicates who you are and what you stand for. The custom geometric tower displays we fabricated for architecture and engineering firm Gresham Smith are a perfect example. They were designed to showcase photos of the firm's projects in a beautiful interlocking display that looked nothing like the typical displays, and as such, they stood out.


dimensional display

These custom geometric experiential graphics displays were designed to be multi-dimensional and stand out among typical event and trade show displays.


By employing experiential graphics designed around your brand, you can make sure your trade show display is one that others will walk away from and never forget.

Launch Events

Whether you're launching a book or film, a new product, or even a whole new business, you need an event to set your brand apart. You're looking to make a positive first impression and drill your image into the minds of those who participate. The backwall display we created for the premiere of the faith-based film Beautifully Broken in Franklin, TN, was the perfect branded background for red carpet photographs.


custom backwall display

We were honored to be commissioned to create a custom backwall display for the red carpet premiere of Beautifully Broken right here in Franklin, TN.


Nail your launch event by incorporating an experiential graphic that expertly and creatively blends your brand and logo perfectly. Doing so will emphasize your message for those who see it, which will go a long way in gaining customer loyalty in the future.

Your Own Office

It doesn't matter whether your office is a one-room storefront or a multi-location complex of buildings that employ hundreds; one of your top goals likely is to motivate your employees. Let them know what kind of company they are working for through your use of experiential graphics.

Wall murals with your company's motto, colorful signage in your lobby, or even a collection of pictures and facts about your company's history can let both customers and employees alike know precisely with whom they are working. You can just feel the atmosphere of the ICEE company culture just by looking at the experiential graphics we set them up with throughout their headquarters in LaVergne, TN.


icee experiential graphics

This 12' tall wall graphic of the iconic ICEE polar bear is just one of several that grace the walls of the ICEE social hub.

Experiential graphics essentially establish your brand. Without a brand, consumers might as well forget you. 12-Point SignWorks will work with you to make that brand more than memorable through experiential graphics, architectural signage, and more. Send us a message or give us a call at (615) 595-6564 if you'd like to see what kind of results experiential graphics could bring to your business!

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