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Why a Site Survey is Necessary for Your Signage Installation

Posted on May 02, 2019 | Posted by Kris Williamson

A site survey is an important part of nearly every installation we complete. Whether for interior or exterior signage, a thorough inspection by our team ensures the final product will be built to your satisfaction. Wondering what types of information we gather when we’re on-site? Here's a helpful list.

Site survey at a new branch of Franklin Synergy Bank in Franklin, TN by 12-Point SignWorks. This photo shows new construction at a branch of Franklin Synergy Bank in Franklin, TN. We conducted a site survey for both interior and exterior signage at this location.

Accurate Measurements

We carefully measure every surface to ensure the new signage will adequately fit the required space. Sometimes our customers under or overestimate the size of signage they need for a particular wall or surface. Our on-site visit will allow our team to determine the best size for your location.


Architectural Panel for SkyHouse Apartments in Nashville by 12-Point SignWorks. The top photo shown above was taken at the dogwalk area at SkyHouse apartments. The bottom is a digital proof showing what a new architectural panel would look like.

We take several photos at different angles during on-site visits to show our team the locations where the components will be installed. These photos show the building or room’s architecture (or future construction or renovation), features, surfaces and any potential obstructions. Our designers also use them to mockup proofs to show customers how the final products will look after the installation is complete.

Colors & Lighting

Color matching is an important part of every custom signage project we complete. We take note of the wall colors to ensure the new signage will look its best, as well as match the company’s branding if necessary. We also assess the lighting in the area where the signage elements will be installed.


We sometimes receive requests for materials (i.e. types of vinyl) that just won’t work on certain surfaces. A site survey will allow us to determine what materials will work best in your space.

Surface Quality

Surface quality is also very important, especially for the application of wall vinyl. For example, our team will visit construction or renovation sites and will often quickly determine that the walls aren’t ready for vinyl to be installed. They’ll point out imperfections or paint issues that could cause problems with adhesion.  

Hardware, Tools and Equipment

Banner installation at Ole Red Restaurant and Music Venue in Nashville, TN by 12-Point SignWorks. This installation at the Ole Red restaurant & live music venue in Nashville required a lift, permits, and other safety equipment.

Depending on the complexity of the project, site surveys are important to assess what types of special hardware, tools or equipment will be required. For example, will ladders or a vertical lift be needed? Will cones be required to redirect traffic?

Accessibility & Storage

When we visit a site, we also need to get a sense of the accessibility of the space. If we build larger custom pieces, how will we get them to their final destination? Will they fit in an elevator or stairwell? If items have to be shipped via pallet, how will the package be received on the other end? And where will items be temporarily stored if necessary?


Post and panel sign for the Carnton Plantation in Franklin, TN by 12-Point SignWorks. We conducted a site survey at the Carnton Plantation in Franklin, TN prior to the design and installation of several beautiful post and panel signs like this one.

Digging is often required for outdoor signage (i.e. post and panel signs.) We do a site survey to figure out where the sign or signs should be installed. We then contact local utility companies to ensure digging won’t damage underground utilities. We also gather information such as proper footing, depth and determine setback (the distance the sign or signage would need to be installed from the property line.)  


A site survey will also allow our team to determine if permits will be required for an installation. Examples might include zoning permits, sidewalk permits, etc.

Added Value

One more thing to consider about site surveys is that we often add great advice about how to really get the most out of your space with branding and other signage elements. This comes from years of experience and training!

As you can see, a site survey is an important first step to ensure your project is well planned and executed. For many larger jobs, we also can’t provide a complete estimate until a site survey is completed.

When you’re ready to get your facility branding or custom signage project started, give us a call at (615) 595-6564 or click on the link below. We look forward to hearing from you!

We specialize in branded environments, lobby & logo signs, vehicle advertising wraps, architectural displays, wall murals, window graphics, trade show displays, and custom projects. We mainly serve Middle Tennessee, including Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, Murfreesboro, Spring Hill, Lebanon, La Vergne, and Hendersonville, but our custom products can be shipped nearly anywhere in the US or Canada. We also do nationwide installations.

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