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Architectural Address Signage Can Boost Residential Visibility

Posted on May 05, 2023 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

Not only are visible house numbers a legal requirement these days for emergency services, but they also ensure the timely arrival of any deliveries you may have pending. Have you ever sat waiting impatiently for something to arrive only to have it returned to sender because the delivery company could not find your house due to unclear address signage? This Project of the Week highlights how it's possible to have form and function in your address signage so your home never gets passed by again.

This residential customer had existing metal signage affixed to stone pillars at the end of their driveway with cutouts of the property name and house number. However, they were challenging to make out with the color of the metal against the color of the stone. We applied white acrylic sheets to the back of the metal signage to increase visibility. They also commissioned us to create brushed aluminum private entry signage for a secondary drive nearby. 

Lyn Gray Corten2

Lyn Gray Corten1

Graywood Proof 2

While we may not have fabricated this sign, it wouldn't be standing without us. We handled the permitting and installing of the stunning architectural signage for The 808 at Skyline Ridge apartments in Madison, TN. Having visible and recognizable address signage is important for a new building, especially for a residential apartment complex. 

808 Skyline

808 Skyline Ridge Proof2

Knowing where you're going can make a difference if you've never been there before. If you'd like to make life easier for the delivery drivers in your life or if you want to make sure first responders never have trouble reaching you in an emergency, call today so we can design new eye-catching address signage for your location. 

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