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12-Point SignWorks' Signage Projects Of The Week

Architectural Logo Signs for Creed Investment Company in Middle TN

Posted on May 05, 2017 | Posted by Kris Williamson

Creed Investment Company may be relatively new (as of October 2016), but they already are making a big impact in the Nashville area. Creed is a commercial real estate development and investment company headquartered here in Middle Tennessee. In less than a year of opening, they've worked to acquire established buildings in the Nashville area that they creatively repurpose into "inspirational" office and retail space. They've been working on a 15,000 square foot building in the Gulch, and we were asked to fabricate architectural logo signs for that location.

Even though the building, located at 600 9th Avenue South, still has some construction going on, it is fully leased. (Impressive!) The new tenants include Scout's Barbershop, Rudy's Jazz Room, a New York-style pizza restaurant, and office space. This "old school masonry" former warehouse has a brick, cinder block, and stone exterior. The architectural logo signs were designed and fabricated to be installed in seven locations on the outside of the revitalized building.

For the 10" X 10" building signs, we used three layers of acrylic to achieve an industrial cutout effect. The face of the signs are made from 1/8" thick black P95 acrylic with two layers of 1/8" thick non-glare clear acrylic as backers.

The Creed Investment Company logo design and four installation holes were laser cut out of the top (black) layer of acrylic. The second layer of clear acrylic was laser cut in specific areas for the loose components of certain letters, including D, O, P, B, and R. The large 'C' in the center of the design and the four holes at the corners also were cut out. For the bottom layer, only the large 'C' and the four corner holes were laser cut out of the clear acrylic. 

The three layers of the Creed Investment Group architectural logo sign. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin TN

The images above perfectly show each layer of the sign and what elements were removed by our in-house laser. As you can tell, only the large 'C' and installation holes were perfectly cut through on the logo. The rest of the lettering has a 1/8" thick (at least) clear backer behind it. The middle layer secures the small pieces of some of the lettering to ensure they won't fall out.

The three pieces of acrylic were joined together by double-sided adhesive, and the accessory letter pieces were added individually. We used black corner standoffs to fasten each of the seven exterior building signs to the brick and stone surfaces. 

The Creed Investment Company exterior logo sign installed in the Gulch in Nashville. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin TN

Installation in progress! Mounting one of seven signs to the exterior cinder block surface.

The corner standoffs attached to the stone exterior of the Creed Investment Company project in the Gulch. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin TN

This angle shows how the black standoffs anchor the signs to the exterior of the building.

The Creed Investment Company exterior logo sign installed in stone in the Gulch in Nashville. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin TN

One of the seven exterior logo signs installed on irregular stone.

The Creed Investment Company exterior logo sign installed on painted brick in the Gulch in Nashville. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin TN

Another architectural building sign installed on painted brick at 600 9th Avenue South in the Gulch.

As a new business, we love how Creed Investment Company adds their logo to the outside surfaces of this adaptive reuse building. As guests and customers enter the building, they will know right away who is responsible for bringing this former warehouse back to life in such a trendy area of Nashville. This form of branding is sure to help them secure future projects in Middle Tennessee.

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