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12-Point SignWorks' Signage Projects Of The Week

Ascend FCU Refreshes Cool Springs Branch with New Branding Graphics

Posted on September 04, 2019 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

We’re proud to say that we’ve been fabricating and installing beautiful custom signage for our friends at Ascend Federal Credit Union for many years. Most recently, we refreshed the financial institution’s Cool Springs branch in Franklin, TN with new facility branding graphics. Here are just a few of the elements we installed at this location.

Custom Logo Sign and Wall Vinyl for Ascend Federal Credit Union in Franklin, TN by 12-Point SignWorks. This striking red and brushed metal sign looks great against the airplane pattern in the background mural.

Logo Sign

To decorate the reception area pictured above, we first installed a background wall mural. The artwork in the mural was created by printing the company’s custom airplane logo in a repeating pattern. We printed the mural on Dreamscape Suede wallcovering and applied a liquid laminate for protection. 

The logo sign was fabricated by cutting the airplane shape and letters from brushed stainless steel Rowmark. The pieces were adhered to a 5’ x 2’ acrylic panel.

Vestibule Signage

Three 16” x 32” acrylic panels containing Ascend’s core values were installed on a red wall in the vestibule. The header copy was created from white cut vinyl applied first surface (on the front of the panels), and the smaller words were applied second surface (on the back of the panels). We also installed white acrylic dimensional letters on the opposite wall spelling out the word “Welcome.”

Acrylic panels with vinyl lettering for Ascend Federal Credit Union in Franklin, TN by 12-Point SignWorks. Vestibules and lobbies are a great place to include a company's mission, vision and values.

Silicone Edge Graphic Displays

We installed several silicone edge graphic (SEG) displays throughout the branch. These fabric displays were printed on tensioned fabric and pulled tight within their frames to create an elegant look. They’re also designed to be easily interchangeable as needed. 

Two large SEG displays were installed just inside the branch windows to be seen from the outside. Six smaller SEG displays were installed in the member rooms and various offices.

Silicone edge graphic displays at Ascend Federal Credit Union in Franklin, TN installed by 12-Point SignWorks. These fabric displays contrast nicely with the other signage elements at Ascend.

Promotional Display Posters

Three-panel promotional posters were also printed, laminated and then installed in member rooms and offices. These 66” x 28” displays include information about the Ascend mobile app, auto loans and mortgage loans.

Custom three panel poster for Ascend Federal Credit Union by 12-Point SignWorks in Franklin. Three panel posters like this one are a great way to add a unique twist on traditional signage.

ITM Graphics

We installed white vinyl letters and a dimensional acrylic numeral to identify the interactive teller machines (ITMs) within the branch. These letters were applied to the decorative glass wall surrounding the ITMs. To make sure appropriate compliance signage is visible, we also installed custom acrylic insert holders with NCUA compliance inserts at each ITM.

ITM vinyl graphics for Ascend Federal Credit Union installed by 12-Point SignWorks in Franklin, TN. Simple, contour cut white vinyl and a dimensional numeral work well to identify this ITM.

ITM Banners

Outside the building, we installed custom banner display frames and vibrant vinyl banners at the entrances to the ITM islands. These banners are easily interchangeable.

ATM Island Banners for Ascend Federal Credit Union by 12-Point SignWorks in Franklin, TN. We love these eye-catching banners! When it's time for new graphics, the banner material can be easily replaced.

As you can see, Ascend did an excellent job using branding graphics to create a welcoming environment for their customers. As the bank expands and refreshes its locations, more branches will receive similar signage elements. We look forward to our continued partnership with Ascend!

We’ve been fortunate to work with several financial institutions throughout the US to create beautiful, welcoming and engaging signage that definitely leaves an impression. To learn more, read: How Banks Connect with Customers Through Facility Branding.

Does your company or organization need new or updated signage or a full branded environment? Give us a call at (615) 595-6564 or click on the button below to get your project started. We look forward to working with you!

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