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Photobooth Wraps For Promotional Marketing!

Posted on March 16, 2012 | Posted by Rich Novia

Majestic Photobooth, a company out of Nashville TN, contacted us to help them wrap their photobooths for a promotional event going on in Nashville last weekend.  The project was unique in its application and price point.  Needing something affordable, yet removeable, the wraps on the booths would be only on for 3-4 days.  Using the long-lasting wrap cast we normally use on vehicle wraps was too much, as these graphics would be removed and disposed of after the event.   We found a material that was low tack, yet had some air egress technology to help with ease of install. Not needing lamination as well, the product we used was a thicker material, allowing some forgiveness upon install.

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Majestic's client provided their custom branded artwork according to an established template. Because of the thickness and temporary nature of the project, we didn't need to laminate the graphic film for durability, which sped up manufacturing and kept costs down.  With the panels trimmed out, the only challenge to overcome was the installation.  Due to the event's time frame, the Photobooths had to be wrapped during the evening in the Opry Mills Hotel - a nice place to have to spend some time! 

photobooth wrap, custom photobooth wrap promotional graphcs, 12 point signworks

We headed up to the Opry Mills hotel and met with Majestic Photobooth to coordinate an install plan.  They kindly set up the booths in record time, and allowed us to get to installing the graphics.  Thanks to good artwork, top notch manufacturing, and professional installation we were able to get the booths done in time for the event and keep the client and their client happy.

If you're in need of custom-designed graphics for your photobooth, contact us with your promotional graphics needs in the future!

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