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12-Point SignWorks' Signage Projects Of The Week

Cut vinyl graphics for Justice Industries fleet vehicle advertising

Posted on December 02, 2013 | Posted by Brooke Randell

As many of you have probably experienced, the economy has not always been in a great place for the past few years. This has made job searching even more competitive, leaving many looking for entry-level work out in the cold. Thankfully, there’s Justice Industries here to help adults who are “chronically unemployed . . . [or] underemployed.” The goal of Justice Industries is to help create service-based jobs that will pay fair wages that help their employees actually support their families—something that may not be achievable at most entry-level jobs. Justice Industries plans on running several small businesses to employ people in the greater Nashville area. Currently, they run a glass recycling business called “Just Glass.” How Just Glass works is, you pay either a monthly or annual fee for a recycling bin and service and Just Glass employees will pick up and recycle your used glass. The employees are provided with work training and mentorship to help them gain valuable experience and skills.

Cut vinyl graphics for Justice Industries

Even simple graphics like this can make a big difference in advertising your business.

We were recently able to put cut vinyl graphics on the Justice Industries fleet van to help promote their company through vehicle advertising. They supplied us with the digitally rendered vector graphics and we turned them into digital cut paths. The whole installation process only took us about half an hour!

Rear View of Justice Industries Van

This is great because it has their website, phone number, logo, and a call-to-action clearly and cleanly laid out.

We put the graphics on the back and both sides of the van so their contact information will always be visible when they are driving around, no matter at what angle people are seeing the van. 

Justice Industries Van Graphics by 12-Point SignWorks

We used a nice bright red color for the phone number and website because it's the infomation Justice Industries wants people who see the van to be able to remember and pay attention to.

We hope that their new graphics will bring them more business and, therefore, more jobs for people in Nashville! Give us a call today or click the button below to get a free quote on getting vehicle graphics for your company.


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