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Vinyl Etch for Fresenius Window Graphics Helps Maintain Privacy

Posted on December 23, 2013 | Posted by Brooke Randell

You know, sometimes signage materials can have utility other than advertising your business! Recently we put in vinyl that created a chemically etched look to glass for our building neighbors, the Fresenius Medical Care and Dialysis Center. The way the clinic is set up, there is a front lobby and reception area and then a large open treatment space.

Vinyl etch for Fresenius medical care by 12-Point SignWorks

We cut their name and logo in the etch vinyl and applied it on one side of their reception booth. The etching allows for more privacy, and its simplicity makes for a very professional and classy-looking logo display. 

The treatment space faces a long hallway that leads back to employee space and is lined with large glass panes. The medical professionals at Fresenius wanted to make the treatment room more comfortable and private for their patients so they approached us to help make it happen. 

Vinyl etch for Fresenius by 12-Point SignWorks

Using vinyl was a much simpler, quicker, and less labor-intensive method than actually having the glass etched with chemicals.

Although they wanted most of the glass to be covered in the vinyl, they decided to have the logo and bars on the top and bottom cut out of it. This helps keep the area private for the patients but also keeps them from feeling too closed in. As Mike says, "It gives you that feeling of privacy without being claustrophobic."

Normally vinyl for window graphics and window wraps like this needs to be applied wet because the vinyl is so thin and it makes it difficult to snatch it back up if you need to adjust it at all. This can cause the installation to take a bit longer than normal because you need to wait for the vinyl to dry a little bit before removing the transfer tape. We put down one lobby panel wet, but even though we were using the same type of etch vinyl we normally use (Oracal) it was going on as easily as thicker vinyls. We put the rest of the treatment and lobby windows on dry and it went really quickly and seamlessly! 

Treatment center window graphics for fresenius by 12-Point SignWorks

It was just a matter of cutting, marking, sticking, peeling, and smoothing! It was nice that we only needed to walk next door to get to this job, too :)

The panels had nice straight lines so we had to do minimal marking on the glass to plot out where to put the vinyl. We mark glass by using grease pencils called Stabilos. You always want to mark the glass on the side where the vinyl isn't being placed. If you place vinyl directly on the grease pencil marks, you may be able to lift the vinyl and wipe the marks off the glass, but by that point the grease will have transferred into the vinyl adhesive and will not come off. Don't try that at home, kids! 

The only slightly challenging part about an application like this is that sometimes the transfer tape adhesive peeking through the cut out parts of the graphics can be more aggressive than the vinyl adhesive. This can make it a little tricky when you're peeling off the transfer face. Still, these went up without a hitch! No creases or bubbles were seen that day :) In fact, the entire project only took us about 45 minutes!

Frosted logo for Fresenius by 12-Point SignWorksThe logo and name right at the front entrance.

We also put up frosted etch logos for them outside their front door and some acrylic signs at the entrance. It's always important to place your logo and name throughout your facilities to reinforce branding.

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