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12-Point SignWorks' Signage Projects Of The Week

Logo Graphics for NiteLites ATV

Posted on March 03, 2014 | Posted by Brooke Randell

We continued an ongoing branding project with NiteLites Outdoor Lighting this week with these vehicle graphics for a Can-Am ATV! We've previously made and installed graphics for this company's vans and trucks, but this is the first ATV we've gotten. 

Can-Am ATV graphics for NiteLites outdoor lighting specialists by 12-Point SignWorks

Looks like a pretty toy, doesn't it? I want a ride!

The fleet vans, which get taken on lighting installations, were all business with company phone number, name, and other pertinent information to attract the interest of potential customers. The trucks and ATV include just the company name and tagline to incite curiosity about the company in a more subtle way. 

This ATV was used last weekend at a Home Show sponsored by the Home Builders Association of Middle Tennessee located at the Williamson County AgExpo Park located right here in Franklin, TN! That's certainly one way to draw attention to your booth at a trade show

Detailed view of branding graphics for NiteLites by 12-Point SignWorks on Can-Am ATV

Logo plus a little pinstriping. It's all in the details, folks.

They wanted the company name to be the same color as the paint on the ATV, so the original plan was to cut the shapes of the letters out of a piece of satin or matte black vinyl. Mike, one of our expert installers, didn't want to do that because he knew that cutting out shapes from vinyl only gives it more corners and edges that moisture, dirt, and debris can creep under and begin to ruin the integrity of the adhesive. We had a vinyl, though, in a gunmetal gray that was virtually identical to the paint of the car. The solution? Mike put strips of matte black vinyl on the area where the logo would go that matched the flat black color of the plastic fender caps, and then cut the logo out of the gunmetal vinyl to layer over the black base. This made the logo much more durable than it would have been if we had cut the letters out. 

The finished Can-Am with graphics being driven into the trailer with graphics. 12-Point SignWorks

You know you've made it when you can drive your latest vehicle with graphics inside one of your other vehicles with graphics. 

This is only the latest installment of a line of great vehicle branding NiteLites has done. It's a super effective way for them to advertise their business as they drive around from job site to job site. Studies have shown that vehicle branding has the potential to leave an impression on 30,000 potential customers a day. That's just in one day! Click the button below to talk to a 12-Point SignWorks wrap and graphics representative and to get a free quote on your project!


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