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12-Point SignWorks' Signage Projects Of The Week

Branding Signage for Oasis Church in Nashville

Posted on March 10, 2014 | Posted by Brooke Randell

Thanks to our friends at Birdsong Creative, we were able to fabricate new branding signage for Oasis Church in Nashville. Birdsong Creative came up with designs and told us which materials they would like us to use. The nice thing about having worked with this design company for so many jobs, is that they are pretty familiar with the materials we have at our disposal and what it takes to make great signage. Thanks, Birdsong, for making our lives easier!

Rich and Mike trimming the foamboard signs for Oasis Church

Rich and Mike are trimming the excess material off of the foamboard signs for Oasis Church. This takes a lot of concentration!

Birdsong Creative designed eleven hexagonal icons that represent parts of the Oasis Church mission statement that we then turned into eleven acrylic signs and eleven foamboard poster signs. We created the foamboard signs by digitally printing the designs onto adhesive vinyl and then mounting them onto ultraboard. The most challenging part of making the posterboard signs was hand-trimming the excess vinyl off in perfectly straight lines. Our guys had to be extra careful to not wobble or waiver as they cut along the edge. 

Foamboard signs for Oasis Church fabricated and installed by 12-Point SignWorks

Here they are mounted in Oasis Church! Birdsong Creative did a great job of putting the right kind of signage in the space their client has. These posters fit perfectly in the wood panels of the wall!

The acrylic signs are routed out of our silver acrylic bonded to clear acrylic to make extra sturdy wall decor. Each hexagonal icon is mounted to the wall using four standoffs, making them securely fastened but easy to remove (which is nice if they would ever like to change their signage or change their meeting place). When putting dimensional signs in walkways like this, standoffs are a great choice because they are solid enough to protect the signs from damage like people accidentally bumping into them, but can be easily removed without a lot of damage to the wall itself.

The letters below the icons are applied to the wall with VHB tabe—a material we often use for applying sign lettering in offices and lobbies. VHB tape is what auto manufacturers use to hold dashboards onto cars, so it's pretty strong stuff! It can be removed, but it's a great adhesive to use for signage you want to use for a long time because it will definitely last. 

The most challenging aspect of installing the acrylic signs, was that they were going on a long curved wall. This made it difficult to see if all the icons were level with one another and equidistantly spaced. 

Acrylic mission statement signs for Oasis Church designed by Birdsong Creative and fabricated by 12-Point SignWorksThe acrylic signs along the curved wall make for a really cool effect! 

The last piece of signage we fabricated and installed for Oasis Church was a wall mural in one of their lobby areas. The hexagonal icons were featured on the wall wrap too, along with the church's name and logo. As you can see from the picture of the acrylic signs, the walls were not very smooth or even, so we had to use materials that would work well with an uneven surface. We used Avery 1005 wrap film—which is actually a film meant for vehicle wraps—because it conforms well and can be eventually removed without damaging the wall. 

Wall mural for Oasis Church in Nashville

You can see that the wall is really textured. The wrapping film went on nicely, though!

Thanks again to Birdsong Creative for letting us fabricate their designs! We had a lot of fun working on this project and we hope that the signs work well for Oasis Church. 

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