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12-Point SignWorks' Signage Projects Of The Week

12-Point SignWorks Installs Trailer Graphics for TN National Guard

Posted on March 17, 2014 | Posted by Brooke Randell

"Wraps have the most pop, but it doesn't take a lot of vinyl to be effective."—Chuck Drinkworth

This last week we installed trailer graphics for the Tennessee National Guard Military & Family Readiness Operations! These trailers will be used in first-response situations for family and chaplain programs. 

Rear view of trailers wrapped for US Tennessee National Guard by 12-Point SignWorks

Finished view of the three trailers with graphics for the TN National Guard

They had their own designer create the logo featuring Tennessee, icons of a family, and their own seal. They also chose their own typography and placement of the lettering that would go on three sides of the three trailers they had. Although were intially going to die-cut (basically have a machine cut out the shapes) the logo and lettering, they decided that they wanted it on a small American flag background. Chuck took their logo and placed it in front of a desaturated image of a waving American flag so the image could be seen in the background while keeping the letters and logo easy to see and read.  

Trailer graphics installed by 12-Point SignWorks for the Tennessee National Guard

We printed the graphics on Avery 1005 film and laminated it with Avery 1060 laminate. 

Because the trailers were so big, we did an outdoor installation on their base. That meant we had to wait for a day that was warm enough for the vinyl to take well to the surface. Because vinyl is a plastic, it's sensitive to temperature and it's very difficult to wrap anything outside when it's too cold or too hot. Thankfully we're having a mild spring so finding a sunny day was no problem! 

Trailer graphics installed for the Tennessee National Guard by 12-Point SignWorks

There may be a lot going on in this graphic, but it's easy to read and get information quickly from it!

These graphics were an effective use of a small amount of vinyl. They're bright enough to catch attention as they go down the road, legible enough to read from a distance, and the repeated use of the logo is helping to brand them as National Guard vehicles. Many people approach us thinking that, in order to effectively advertise and brand their fleet vehicles, they need to spend a couple thousand dollars wrapping the entire thing—but that's not necessarily true! You can promote your company with a much smaller budget by getting vehicle graphics that will still be seen by hundred to thousands of people per day as you drive around town. 

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