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Advertising Vehicle Wrap for The Academy Child Development Center

Posted on March 31, 2014 | Posted by Brooke Randell

When you think of a vehicle used for a preschool, I bet the first thing you think of isn't a Fiat 500L. But that's the car used for the staff members of The Academy Child Development Center located throughout Middle TN! The Academy runs a large number of child care centers, day care centers, and preschools in the area. All of The Academy schools are owned and operated by their parent company, Never Grow Up, Inc. which is located in our hometown of Franklin, TN!

They approached us because they wanted to get their staff cars branded with their logo and information using vehicle wraps. Of course we were happy to do it! They provided their own design elements which we plotted on a template of the Fiat 500L and then prepared for a print and wrap.

Advertising vehicle wrap for The Academy by 12-Point SignWorksRibbit. Ribbit. 

Because the car is fairly new, it was a little challenging to find the correct template to place their art on. Believe it or not, most places where we usually source our templates didn't have it! We eventually found one though from a company called The Bad Wrap and were able to place and print their graphics. 

Another challenge wrapping this car was that it's bright yellow! When doing a full wrap on a car, it can be difficult to hide the original paint color from showing where the seams of the wrap are or around small and complex areas to wrap like tail lights. This is why it's normally a little more laborious and expensive to get a full coverage designer paint wraps—for personal vehicles and not advertising—because we have to take apart the vehicle to get the wrap vinyl down into the seams. With a bright yellow paint job, it's extremely difficult to completely hide the original color. 

Before and after of the Fiat 500L

Before and after! From lemon yellow to lime green. Either way, we're looking at a citrus colored car.

Our installers were able to get a pretty darn good coverage, though! Rich, one of our wrap installers, said it was a really fun car to wrap. The Fiat was a really cool looking car, and not as complicated as we anticipated. The bumpers aren't as difficult to wrap as many other vehicles because there's less painted area to cover. 

Fiat 500L wrapped for The Academy by 12-Point SignWorks

Rich wrapping the back of the Fiat. 

We had a lot of fun wrapping this car and hope to do more like it! What do you think? If you got a new Fiat, what would you get wrapped on it? Leave a comment below!

Advertising vehicle wrap for The Academy by 12-Point SignWorks

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