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Putting a (Vinyl) Wrap on Nashville's CMA Music Fest

Posted on June 09, 2014 | Posted by Brooke Randell

If you're at all into country music or live anywhere near Nashville, TN, then you know that the city has been entirely taken over by the Country Music Association's annual CMA Music Festival. Streets are closed for performances, new stars and music legends sign autographs for thousands of excited fans, rows of high-profile vendors line the streets . . . essentially chaos and country music reign supreme for a week!

This year we got to do several fun and unique vinyl wraps for different vendors who have booths at the festival—including one on a high striker. Wrangler jeans hired our friends at the Majestic Photobooth Company because they wanted to use photobooths for their "long live cowboys" campaign they were promoting at the festival.  

Wrangler advertising wraps for the Majestic Photobooth Company at the CMA Festival. 12-Point SignWorks

What better way to create a souvenir at the CMA Festival than to plunk on a cowboy hat and get your picture taken?

Majestic Photobooth sent us the artwork provided by Wrangler, which we printed on 3M IJ40 wrap material. We chose this material because it's a sturdy but temporary wrap material so it would stand up to the constant bustle of people at the CMA Festival but still be removable after the week was over without damaging the booth. 

Majestic Photobooth advertises Wrangler Jeans for the 2014 CMA Festival. 12-Point SignWorks

The wrap covered the outside of the booth as well as some of the interior.

Some of our installers took the prints to Majestic Photobooth's facilities and installed them on the spot! It was a fairly simple installation but it totally branded the photobooths as something for Wrangler. After we finished the installation the photobooths were taken into the mêlée to get used by the thousands of country music fans roaming the streets of Nashville!

Wrangler promotional graphics for Wrangler on Majestic Photobooth Company photobooths. 12-Point SignWorks

Y'all come get your picture taken, ya hear!

What do you think? What unique items would you get a vinyl wrap on? Leave a comment below!

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