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Advertising Truck Wrap for Mossy Oak Properties Agent

Posted on June 30, 2014 | Posted by Brooke Randell

Did you know that the camouflage manufacturer Mossy Oak sells property as well as camo? Because they are passionate about the outdoors (whether for hunting, farming, conservation, or just enjoyment purposes) they sell lots of land to people who are "dedicated to stewardship of the land." They have land agents who are outdoorsmen, just like the people interested in purchasing the land. According to the Mossy Oak Properties website, these brokers are, "outdoorsmen selling rural property to other outdoorsmen." 

One of these agents in our local area, Jamie Spencer, came to us because he figured that if he's selling property for Mossy Oak, he should really get a Mossy Oak truck wrap to go with it! 

Mossy Oak Properties Advertising Camo Wrap. 12-Point SignWorks.Here's the truck in our brand new work space!

According to Jamie, one of the great things about selling property through Mossy Oak is that it holds such universal appeal for people who love the outdoors. To help make more of potential customers aware of Mossy Oak Properties he chose to get an advertising truck wrap instead of a plain full-coverage camo wrap. He wanted to use the licensed Breakup Infinity Mossy Oak vinyl pattern as well as officially licensed Mossy Oak logos. He also wanted his already lifted truck to have an intensely cool design that was eye-catching while still staying true to the Mossy Oak brand. 

Jamie showed us pictures of other truck wrap designs he liked and Rich, one of our graphic designers and wrap installers, created a fresh design based on one of Jamie's favorite designs. We contacted Mossy Oak corporate and they provided the logo and pattern art we needed to print the design. We signed a release promising that we wouldn't steal their logo art or start printing it without their permission. Mossy Oak has a stellar brand image so they take using their artwork very seriously. If you want Mossy Oak logos put on your vehicle, go through a certified wrap installer using licensed Mossy Oak graphics—don't try to just print some off the Internet yourself!

Mossy Oak Properties truck wrap. 12-Point SignWorks

The way the logos and text were placed was inspired by the Mossy Oak Properties media kit.

We printed the wrap on Avery 1005 wrap vinyl on our Roland DG printer. Getting the truck into our brand-spankin'-new workspace, we wrapped this truck (along with doing graphics on two other vehicles) in just one day. 

We always love doing a good camo wrap! What do you think? Would you get one on your car or truck?

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