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12-Point SignWorks' Signage Projects Of The Week

Full Advertising Wrap for Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville

Posted on September 01, 2014 | Posted by Brooke Randell

You've probably heard about the faith-based charitable group, Habitat for Humanity. They coordinate volunteer workers and charitable donations to build affordable housing for eligible future-homeowners. Habitat homeowners actually purchase their homes on 0% interest and pay Habitat for Humanity back in manageable installments. Habitat does not profit from the homeowners' payments, but uses the payments to get the resources they need to continue building more homes. They also run a second-hand homegoods outlet store called the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. 

They coordinate many community volunteer efforts including "Habitat High" which gets high school students involved in building Habitat Homes and "Women Build" which encourages women to participate in homebuilding and donating. Basically, they're really awesome and provide a much needed service in our communities. Here in Franklin we have the Habitat for Humanity of Williamson County branch, and just next door we have Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville. To find a Habitat for Humanity in your area and find opportunities to volunteer and get involved, click here.

We were very happy to be able to help Habitat recently by wrapping one of their work vans provided by Nissan. 

Advertising van wrap for Habitat of Humanity of Greater Nashville. 12-Point SignWorks.

The vibrant blue van matches our great weather!

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville provided us with art for this wrap and Nissan provided us with everything else. Nissan has a great charity division and we work with them regularly to create materials like this or for special charitable events.

Habitat gave us the design of blueprints, the Nissan logo, and the Habitat for Humanity logo, so the only design work we had to do was formatting. We took those files and formatted them on a template of a Nissan NV to scale. This allowed us to print out the design on panels of vinyl that we could apply to the van.

Advertising van wrap for Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville. 12-Point SignWorks

The colors turned out really bright and clear thanks to our Roland printer!

Because this is an advertising vehicle wrap, it was actually pretty simple for us to install the wrap. Unlike with luxury paint wraps, we don't have to take apart the vehicle to put the vinyl on. When we do paint wraps on people's personal vehicles we usually take apart some of the hardware of the vehicle so that we can tuck the vinyl into the nooks and crannies. We don't do that on advertising vehicle wraps because people generally aren't looking as closely at advertising wraps but are rather looking at the advertisement from a distance or from on the road. Of course, we make sure that the wrap still looks seamless and that no paint is showing on advertising wraps, but it's more pressing on—for example—someone's Lamborghini to make sure that not even a millimeter of paint is showing. Because we didn't have to take any of the hardware off, it only took about 2 days to cover the whole thing!

Perforated window vinyl on advertising van wrap for Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville. 12-Point SignWorks

Close up example of window perf vinyl in action.

The back windows of the van have window perforated vinyl that allows the design to continue across the back and lets the driver still see out the window. The thousands of tiny holes in the material make it more transparent from the inside. 

We love the design that Habitat for Humanity sent to us and we think it looks great installed on the van! We hope it attracts attention—and hopefully more donations and volunteers—as they use it to get from job site to job site.

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