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Fleet Wraps Help Brand GreenWorks Landscape Design

Posted on September 08, 2014 | Posted by Brooke Randell

When it comes to gorgeous landscaping maintenance, installation, and design, GreenWorks Landscape Design has you covered. They create stunning and sustainable designs and outdoor features for residential and commercial spaces that include everything from lighting to lush gardens to water features. 

They approached us because they wanted to get a design with their logo and contact information on one of their trucks. GreenWorks wanted a design that was unique but that still symbolized what they do. Our graphic designers, Zane and Rich, worked on some designs and came up with a simple but bright design incorporating leaves that really contrasts well with the black paint of the truck. 

Fleet graphics for GreenWorks

This is a great example of how it doesn't take a lot of vinyl to make a big impact on your vehicle.

The design was then digitally printed on Avery 1005 material that was laminated with Avery 1060 laminate. We fed the digitally printed and laminated material through our di-cut machine, which perfectly cuts out whatever shape, letter, or design you need. These di-cut pieces were then applied to the truck and it turned out to be a really great-looking partial wrap. Because it turned out so well, GreenWorks decided to go ahead and wrap their entire fleet of work vehicles.

Initially, they were just going to get the di-cut graphics put on their vehicles no matter the color, but after seeing how cool the green looked against the black truck they decided to get all their vehicles that weren't already black a black color change wrap. This will really help their fleet advertising because their different types of vehicles will look relatively uniform and recognizable. 

Wrapping a Ford F550 for a group of fleet wrapsRich is wrapping the bed of their Ford to help create a seamlessness among the fleet of vehicles.

We just wrapped a large Ford F550 with a white bed with Avery SW900 Gloss Black vinyl. We'll also wrap a silver Smart Car in gloss black vinyl to make it match the rest! As time goes on they plan on bringing us some more trucks and another Smart Car to boot. By the time we're done they'll have one cool looking fleet of wrapped cars and trucks! Look for them around town and be sure to check out their website for any of your landscaping needs.

Fleet graphics for GreenWorks Landscape Design

Getting a bit of graphic design in addition to just the contact information on your vehicle is great because it makes your advertisement even more eye-catching and memorable. 

We'll be sure to post more pictures of the vehicles as we continue to wrap them. To see more pictures of what's already been wrapped, check out GreenWorks' Facebook page.

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